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It is entirely possible to shape your deeply satisfying work and lifestyle through greater self-understanding and compassion…
In fact, it is the only way

Elegant Interruption™ Packages

We create our lives and experiences from the inside out.  You can think of the energetic foundations of your life as being very much the same as the foundations upon which you would construct a building or a house.

Setting (or resetting) these at just the right vibration – that of your own unique essence – is absolutely required in order for you to call in new, higher quality experiences, relationships, bigger contracts/opportunities at work and dreams.  Having my expert support to help you see and dismantle the outdated energy patterns that have been keeping you stuck is one of the quickest, most aligned, natural ways to lay these new foundations so you can transition permanently into your expanded, beautiful, soul driven life.

Below you will find options designed to suit entrepreneurs with different needs but the underlying premise and potency of the work is retained throughout.  Through years of experience I have crafted and carefully honed them to help you regain real connectedness with your wisdom and the deeply felt knowing that only YOU can create YOUR life and work, YOUR way.  (Compare and contrast this for example with the unhappiness that ensues when you’ve been unwittingly following the familial or societal script/s you’ve inherited or have been given to you).

Changing your ‘wiring’ on the inner is what gives you clarity and catapults you onto your outer freeing, soul satisfying path.  You will come to know this more intimately as we work together because as your trust in yourself and life grows, you become magnetic and the new experiences and connections you create begin to embody your personal brand of connection, creativity, service and truth.

Which one of these packages best suits your needs?


  • 6 x 60 minute sessions, face to face online via Zoom
  • 2 x 90 minute sessions, face to face online via Zoom
  • One (1) full in person VIP day with Caroline in Mallorca
  • 4 x 30 minute phone calls via Whatsapp for additional support
  • Shared online journal for consistent accountability and support

My signature 6 month package is for entrepreneurs who have reached a seemingly impossible, frustrating impasse in your personal life (primary relationships, family, friends, community etc) or work. This level of commitment is perfect if you wake up each morning with a feeling of dread because there is nothing exciting happening or new to look forward to.  If you are at a fundamental loss as to how to reconnect with your enthusiasm and sovereignty and call in all the wonderful opportunities that life has to offer (again), it is also likely that you have tried many different practitioners and modalities to break this mental/emotional/spiritual/physical gridlock but nothing has gone deep enough to enable you to identify or address the root cause.

You realise that the cost of your unhappiness is just way too high, time is of the essence and you need expert support to hone in directly on the deeply embedded patterning that has been causing you to recreate these experiences of disconnection again and again.

This package works best at unwinding your challenging patterns and struggles and creating the business and personal life that really hold your brilliance and majesty fully and permanently in all areas.  This process takes a deeper and longer commitment of time and this is where I hold you – deeply and intensively in the 6 month Rapid Breakthrough Deluxe.

I have had clients leave jobs and/or relationships, get pregnant, have babies, become nationally and internationally recognised in their fields, expand their businesses, create new relationships after years of being single, relocate to home in new places after many years feeling physically stuck, increase their incomes, bring in new, higher value, more aligned contracts as well as exciting new opportunities for collaboration and/or work.

In terms of the time, exploration, understanding, guidance and implementation required to organically rebuild your life with higher quality relationships, connection, community and opportunities that will take your business into its next iteration, this package is the most effective by far.


  • 90 minute preparation call
  • 1 Full in person VIP day with Caroline in Mallorca
  • 3 x 30 minute phone calls via Whatsapp for additional support (can be used up to 2 months after your intensive day)

This in person intensive day is perfect for entrepreneurs already feel supported in your work, by family, friends, colleagues, other mentors and so on, but you deeply desire assistance to finally identify and release the embodied patterning around a particular ‘enduring question’, complex relationship, situation or limiting behaviour or belief that is blocking you from creating maximum impact in your life and work.

We will not only work to energetically dismantle the old dynamics you have been being the effect of, but crucially, we will identify and explore the aspects of your personality, wisdom and truth you have been sensing all along have been waiting to step forward and be expressed. Together we will create a customised ‘framework for living’ that will supercede the old holding patterns you’ve been operating within and support you deeply in changing the inner and outer energetic fabric of your experiences and life.

Crucially, you will leave our intensive day vibrationally different.  You will take with you a completely new understanding and growing felt experience of yourself, who YOU are, how you truly desire to express your uniqueness and how to begin implementing this new awareness to make a huge impact in your business and personal life right away.


  • An intimate private call with Caroline via Zoom
  • 1 x 30 minute follow up phone call via Whatsapp (can be used any time within 2 weeks after your deep dive)

This deep dive session is designed to help entrepreneurs thoroughly unpack the question of where you are on your current trajectory without the commitment of a big container or longer term work.  For example, you can use this space to explore loaded questions about the unspoken agreements and dynamics you’ve been sensing are at play in your primary or family relationships or creative expression in your life and work.  It is perfect if you have been carrying the weight of a big unanswered question for the longest while and feel an urgency to understand the real root cause of the issue now.

Clients report that during and after their deep dive sessions they experience crystal clarity on exactly what they want and where they are headed in their personal and professional lives, they just ‘know’ what they have to do, they feel more creative, confident and inspired, new opportunities begin to open up in their lives and work, they have clarity on how to share their unique gifts and talents with the world, they can see the pathway to create the life they most want with ease rather than struggle, have greater self awareness are able to establish healthier boundaries, exercise self-forgiveness and communicate more lovingly but firmly too.

Armed with this deep soul-level understanding around the area of your choosing, you’ll leave our deep dive session with everything you need to begin taking aligned action right away.


This special offering is available to entrepreneurs who are residents on Mallorca.  We meet face to face in my personal online meeting room via Zoom.  The 90 minute Mallorca Love Session allows you to get your burning question answered, unpack the situation, relationship or challenge that has been giving you knots in your stomach and gain a deep understanding of exactly what is required to evolve your sense of wellbeing, business and life now.

This toe-dipping session is a great match if you sense you are on the verge of a life defining moment or for some time have been experiencing a soul level desire for expansion, growth and change.  It is perfect if you are new to this type of client led, deep soul level, transformative, immersive inner and outer work and want to experience firsthand how it provides the clarity, structure and support necessary to ground yourself and improve your work, relationships and quality of life from here.

If you live on Mallorca, need some time to warm up to the idea that there is a much bigger, brighter, better life and future in store for you, you want to understand your feelings that have been bubbling to the surface and the implications of stepping up and saying yes to this call, the expert holding, support and insight I provide is among the best available to you here.

VIP Client testimonials

Here is what some of my recent VIP clients had to say:

If you are **READY**

There is hardly a more precious gift than being witnessed and guided in your moment of greatest vulnerability and massive potential for healing and growth. You’ll see from my client testimonials that the folks who know me and have worked with me, highlight this time and time again.

If you are ready to explore how we can work together to create a huge impact in both your life and work, your next step is to apply for a 30 minute, 1:1 consultation with me, Caroline.

This opportunity has deep inherent value no matter what you decide to do next.

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