You can’t live a truly beautiful life if you don’t know who you are

Have you ever taken the time to consider who YOU are beneath the many layers of familial, cultural and social conditioning we all arrive at adulthood with?

For some this might even seem a bizarre question.

As human beings, we possess such a fundamental need to feel accepted, approved of and loved that we begin, at an extremely young age, to inadvertently conform to ideas of the person our care givers believe or expect us to be.

In so doing, we relinquish the tremendously profound understanding of and connection with our deepest, innermost Selves.

Given this fact, it can be quite a ‘slippery’ notion to consider that as an individual, a personality, Spirit and physical body, you are actually unique in every possible way.

The truth is that most people are so heavily identified into the ‘place’ or niche they have, for want of a better word, been ‘allocated’ in life that only a very small percentage of the population even really understand that:

  • As an adult they are their own person with their own repertoire of critical thinking/deductive reasoning skills and needs
  • It is their birthright to distinguish and claim themselves as individuals with a unique and hugely valuable identity and role to play in the world
  • As long as they remain unaware of the two previous points and remain heavily ‘identified into’ the various outer labels and roles they have been assigned, they will struggle to find their true purpose or soul’s ‘calling’ in life

If you have been struggling to find your life’s purpose – that thing you hear talked about – where work feels like play, you are in your natural zone of genius and abundance, doing that thing in the world that only you can do and that you do best, consider that there is likely a process of ‘unlearning’ who you are not, in order that you can become more of who you really are, that needs to take place.

As a professionally trained and experienced clairvoyant and spiritual mentor who has been working closely with a wide cross-section of private clients for 17 years, this is an observation I notice time and time again that can occur with folks at any age.

You are wired, as we all are, to find your sweet spot in life – doing what you love, has meaning and fills your life with fulfilment, community, validation and love. The piece that somehow gets missed in all the various types of guidance and education we receive, is that this outer experience can only ever come about if your inner connection with yourself – your REAL Self – is solid and sure.

And because so few people understand this, they unwittingly end up trying to figure their lives out from a limited intellectual viewpoint, going down career paths and getting into relationships and life situations that lead them further and further away from the very sweet spot they crave.

Something interesting I have come to know through both my personal as well as my professional experience however is that, for some more than others, this deeply wired quest for happiness, meaning, alignment, authenticity and fulfilment is an instinct that never goes away. It is by its very nature life-ward – pro a meaningful, beautiful, sacred experience of life. It is there, even in your darkest moments, conspiring with the Universe to create precisely the circumstances that will stretch you, sometimes in the most challenging and scary of ways to discover, embrace and own more of who you really are.

In my own life, this presented itself as a 7 year growth cycle of accelerated spiritual/emotional growth that climaxed during my daughter’s birth. In the years that followed, it led to a major restructuring of my business and ultimately led me into concentrated work with Conscious Female Entrepreneurs just like myself (you can learn more in the documentary of my personal story in the video below). As in my case, the opportunity for accelerated personal growth tends to present itself during similar types of intense periods of huge life-change. For example, in addition to the birth of a child as in my case, it can also take place during a bereavement, marriage, divorce, a relocation, job promotion, redundancy or health scare too.

If there is one thing I have learnt through this journey of becoming more of my authentic self, learning to love and appreciate myself on ever deeper levels and from there, creating a sacred life map, it is this:

If you’ve been merely existing, living a half-life, playing it safe, selling out on yourself or otherwise hiding under the proverbial parapet, life can and will consistently orchestrate and deliver to you an infinite number of circumstances to wake you up to your full potential and Self.

It really is as simple as that.

If you are seeing through this explanation, how your own deep need for happiness, fulfilment and meaning has been working in tandem with Life, to draw you closer to your most authentic Self and the unique perspective and gifts you are meant to share with the world, recognise this:

You have a choice.

You can begin trusting yourself, this life-ward instinct that you were born with and Life – or not.

You can say “Yes” to the huge intelligence that has been awaiting your invitation to come in and help you heal and transform your relationship with yourself, in such a way that you can finally begin building your beautiful life.


You can tell yourself that you aren’t ready, for whatever reason/s that it isn’t time and believe that you will somehow think or strategise yourself into the next level of becoming more of who you really are.

If it is the latter, consider the following:

  • What is the true cost to you and your loved ones of you staying in this unfulfilled place?
  • If you continue doing what you’ve always done, how will your life have changed, 5 or 10 years from now?
  • What is it that you’ve consistently been putting of or avoiding doing, that if you gave it your full attention and committed to, would begin changing everything for you?

Don’t be deceived by the apparent ‘size’ of your answer to Qu 3 especially.

Herein lies your golden nugget – your answer to the infamous questions of ‘how’ and ‘where’ you can immediately begin turning your life around.

If you are interested in how I might be able to help you pivot far away from your achilles heel, apply now for an in-depth, personalised, complimentary consultation with me, Caroline Diana Bobart. We’ll meet face to face in my personal online meeting room and look at:
1. The area/s in which you’ve been struggling
2. Exactly what you need to become aware of and do to begin changing things right away
3. Whether it feels good for me to support you in this process and if so, based on your needs and desired outcomes, what that can look like for you.