Who are YOU? Really, do you know?

Who are YOU? I really mean it. Do you actually know who, on your most fundamental of levels, YOU are?

The reality is that we have all managed to make it to adulthood but crucially, with a variety of work, family, friendship, spiritual and societal masks in tow.

Are you getting triggered and starting to feel squeamish yet? ?

I have seen firsthand through my work how this can lead to a dangerous and unconscious tendency to try to manipulate or ‘manage’ reality. That is, managing people’s view of you with the ultimate aim of gaining approval and feeling safe. This is based on a deep seated need for acceptance (fear of rejection).

You can find yourself micromanaging your corner of the universe but the truth is of course, that the universe is quite capable of managing itself. What is really happening here is that #truthbomb you are kidding yourself that you are safe, when in fact you are unhappy, unsure of yourself, stuck and scared.

In this place you are out of communication with yourself, your purpose, happiness and truth. From this place, you can only create a life that doesn’t flow and, like a piece of awkwardly cut clothing, it just doesn’t ‘fit’.

What do you sense are some of your held beliefs or fears that make it difficult to even consider trusting the Universe?

Ultimately this tendency is a reflection of your disconnection from your authentic Self, knowing who you really are and therefore your inability to trust yourself to grow, expand, show up and simply BE who you are.

This is the cause of a lot of the frustration I see with clients – they want more than anything to feel ‘on purpose’ with their spirit’s calling in life but they are blocked and don’t know why. I go into more details around this in the short audio below:

If you are seeing yourself in this, unravelling and dissolving your old, fear-based constructions of ‘reality’ so that you can actually begin to experience and understand who you are is where my expertise lies. It is the work I do with my clients everyday. And here is what I know:

You don’t have to stay stuck and you shouldn’t expect yourself, as you are, rooted into these outdated frameworks, to somehow magically facilitate your desired transformation on your own.

You might be waiting to be saved, or for your fortune to turn, living in hope or praying for a miracle, but really, life is asking that you step up to the plate and show up fully to the radical changes in your life that you have been saying you want.

The truth is, if you don’t take full ownership and responsibility for your happiness, nothing is ever going to change.

If you have been thinking that you really can’t continue existing in this place for one more moment and are ready to begin welcoming in serious results, apply for a 1:1 consultation with me, Caroline Diana Bobart here.

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