Unleash INCREDIBLE creative power when you decide to walk away…

I wrote this today after a gorgeous early morning swim…the video is infinitely more attractive than me with salty water hair πŸ˜…πŸŒŠπŸŒŠπŸŒŠ

I want to share the most precious reminder that life has given me these past 2 – 3 months precisely because it is just that…very precious to me.

That is…

**NEVER** underestimate the power of gracefully and completely pulling your energy out of a relationship, outdated agreement or commitment or project if it hasn’t been serving you and everyone involved in the highest possible ways.

In giving yourself permission to do this, you not only reclaim the parts of you that haven’t been being honoured, validated, expressed or seen…

At the same time you reset the unseen energetic template you build your creations and experiences off of in such a way that life once again becomes and feels exciting, enlivening. Suddenly you find that you have the ability to create radically different types of experiences with greater self-awareness,honouring, enjoyment and ease.

Yes, of course we are creatures of habit, and no, the folks around you are likely not going to be rushing to embrace your desired change.

Yes, it takes courage and the willingness to communicate some hard truths.

The thing is, speaking your truth is one and the same as speaking universal truth…you unleash a magical force when you speak that clears and opens up the way for you and everyone else involved to claim their fullest expression and individualised truth – if that is what they choose.

We are talking about an inner/outer vibrational alignment here…this is where real inner and outer change and growth occurs…not in your head. No matter how hard you try, it isn’t possible to think – or overthink – yourself into a better reality.

The universal (perhaps-difficult-to-hear-and-accept) truth?

It will never happen. You are better off conserving your precious time and energy and giving up on that ‘non-strategy’ now.

Why would you want to be stuck is a situation you have no enthusiasm for when you can consciously recreate your life in this way?


Send me a message if this is the place you’ve been noticing yourself struggling – HOW to get out of your head so you can finally step into the vibration of change between the old life you are done with and the new one you want to call in more than anything else in the world.

You are also so welcome to apply for a time for us to talk about the really deep rooted unconscious stuff that’s been causing you get in your own way and keeping you separate from the better life you are ready for and deserve ❀

The link you’ll need to apply is www.carolinediana.com/apply/

As always I look forward to your messages and love notes!

Have a beautiful day,

xx Caroline