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Optimizing team morale and productivity through astute leadership and conflict resolution skills

A new generation business owner is a leader who is emotionally intelligent, able to naturally read the room, curate, inspire, nurture and motivate the highest performing team. In this way, business success is the only possible result.


They are committed to their own personal growth, self-care, work-life balance, well-being, and that of their teams.


They instinctively know and believe that it is possible to select the best candidates who would enjoy and excel working together as a team. They try to live by this belief but sometimes their judgment gets clouded, bad behaviour emerges, unwieldy situations arise and the way forward becomes unclear.


They truly believe that with mutual respect and just the right nuanced communication and connection with their team members, it is entirely possible to create happy, high-performing, motivated teams. The trick however is often captured by these clients in the question, “How?!!!”


What business owners of the new generation are trying to capture is called emotional intelligence. It is a quality that if you can sense it at work in yourself and in both your primary and more peripheral human connections, you can develop, apply and hone.

If you are a new generation business owner and find yourself:

  • Constantly stressed and picking up the slack for tasks your team members haven’t done
  • Tired of them treating you with a lack of respect
  • Caught in a ‘me’ against ‘them’ office dynamic
  • On the receiving end of push back and protests when you try to implement new systems and change
  • Feeling unsupported and distracted from your own work because you’ve lost control of your team

The help you’ve been needing is available now. We can work together to uncover the core reasons why you feel stressed. We’ll identify problem areas, strengthen your confidence and leadership skills, and put steps in place for you to rebuild a strong, dependable and productive team that understands its entire reason for being is to support you in achieving, if not surpassing your vision and business goals. 

To get the ball rolling apply for a complementary 30 minute mini consultation (face to face via Zoom) to share the areas in which you’ve been struggling with your team Click HERE

Client Testimonial

“Before working with Caroline, life at work was extremely stressful.  I doubted myself in my ability to lead and if my decision to open my own business was the right one.  My thought processes were clouded, and I did not have clarity on what and who the real problems were.

Caroline helped me identify what the true problems were in both my employees and my thought processes surrounding my business and my personal life.  She empowered me to have the self-confidence and the energy to remove toxic employees, and I found the energy to turn my business around.  I found the right people to help lead my team, and the resultant turnaround in morale, team energy, and our success as a company was immediate.  I, again, found joy in my business and coming to work each day.  Not only do I enjoy going to work every day, my sleep has been restored to normal, and I’ve found, again, my purpose, joy, and energy to be truly happy and successful.

Working with Caroline can be truly life-changing if you are committed to resolving your internal and external struggles.  She is able to help one sort out the confusion and noise in one’s head and help one find clarity of thought, restore and find one’s purpose, and empower one to make positive change in one’s life.  If you are ready to move to a higher place in your life, remove toxic people and thoughts, and return happiness, joy, and peace to your life, Caroline is uniquely talented to facilitate such life transformations.  As a busy professional, I could have never done this on my own.”

~Brian Ransdell, MD, FAAD

Apply for a complimentary 30 minute mini consultation (face to face via Zoom) to share the areas in which you’ve been struggling with your team Click HERE

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