One Woman’s Journey of Motherhood, Entrepreneurship and Reclaiming Her Real Self – Part 3/3

Part 3

This tremendous, intense and multi-layered experience, has in so many ways birthed and informed the way I have chosen to live and work today. For one, far from the naivete I mentioned, I have come to really respect my humanity, boundaries and limitations in the years since I gave birth. And from a work perspective, I reached firmly into the farthest corners possible to fully claim the alchemy and content I had been teaching and sharing with clients for the past 14 years.

As human beings, we all have these revelatory types of experiences around all manner of events in our lives. As in my case, these tend to be centered around moments of huge life-change – marriage or divorce, the birth or loss of a loved one, a relocation, redundancy, job promotion or career change. There are many different ways in which Spirit speaks to us and in which we learn our lessons. It just so happens that my biggest one was through the very traumatic experience around my daughter’s birth.

Through this journey, there are some important gems I’ve come to see about myself:

I am tenacious.

I have enormous courage, self-trust and grit.

I am willing to do whatever it takes, even when I can’t see the path ahead.

I know that the depth and quality of transformation I seek has no price.

I am prepared to and do invest significantly in myself.

I whole-heartedly accept that the huge, meaningful life-change I desire does not come about at middle of the range or worse, bargain basement rates.

In the words of one of my own coaches, I understand that I need to have my skin in the game. I am willing to lay everything on the line financially, emotionally and time-wise because plugging back into my real Self, underpins my ability to take even one meaningful step further in any other area of my life.

I am willing to be held to a high standard of accountability because I know it keeps me accountable to myself actively pursuing the big life-shifts I say I want within the safe container of expertise, guidance and support my mentors provide.

I am willing to let go of the illusion that I am somehow ‘in control’.

I am ready and open to resting, healing, receiving and being shown that it is totally possible to metaphorically walk around the energetic walls I can find myself hitting my head against in my relationships, life and work.

This is my story, but what I have come to learn from client after client, friends after friend, is that it has all the hallmarks of being a universal story about the triumph of the human soul. We as human beings are cut off from our deepest Selves in so many ways – through our body image, schooling, socialisation, family upbringing – the list goes on.

It is time for us to reconnect.

It is time for you to reconnect.

My own process of reconnection has been the most rich and fruitful, and yet the most challenging experience of my life. It is my desire to help you learn the lessons I have learnt and walk you through your own moments of uncertainty and huge life-change so that you can get to a place of feeling fully connected to yourself and life again.

It is possible.

If I can do it, you can too.

You can learn from the wisdom I have gained.

Without a doubt, life is an indescribably beautiful gift, but the reality is that it can be messy and painful sometimes.

If you are currently experiencing a huge life-change and are committed to doing whatever life is asking – bar none – what I have come to know, is that you too will find reconnection with your real Self and the treasures hidden amongst the emotions, self-doubt, mess and fear.


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