My Elegant Interruption™ Philosophy

My work is based on the powerful notion of ‘Elegant Interruption™’ – my signature process of helping you manage your current or desired big life-change, elegantly, peacefully and with incredible poise.
There are 5 main components of my Elegant Interruption™ approach to managing or creating huge life-change

They make up the acronym ‘PEACE’:

  • Be ‘P’resent – learn whether you are and how to be truly present to yourself in the present moment.
  • Your ‘E’nvironment – take an honest inventory of the people, possessions, places you frequent, your presentation and personal space.
  • Get ‘A’ligned – get connected to your inner wisdom, information and flow.
  • Be ‘C’lear – you must bring your view of yourself in to present time. You cannot build a future that is authentic and aligned if you don’t know who you really are.
  • Shift ‘E’nergy – release the old and anchor into new energy around all of the above points.

PEACE – this is the miracle space within which change naturally and effortlessly occurs.

But, I can hear your wheels turning and that you’re probably thinking…“Okay, that is all well and good, but HOW exactly does all this work?”
The reality is – and you will see this being communicated in many of my client testimonials as well – that the process is far beyond being able to understand on a rational, linear, mental level.

When you and I enter into a partnership, we work at a depth of BEING, where there aren’t any words.

All that is required right now is that you commit fully to not staying in this unhappy, lack-of-feeling place for one moment more. If you can do that, let’s have a quick and easy connection to see whether we are a good match to begin up-levelling every area of your life, and honouring your deepest, unspoken desires and needs.