Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

How long have you been doing what you do and how did you get to be a professional energy reader/clairvoyant

When I look back on it, my journey and the way my life has unfolded seems incredible.  When asked as a child what I wanted to be when I grew up, I never said I wanted to be a professional clairvoyant, but in retrospect, it is just perfect that it should have turned out this way.  I count myself as immensely lucky that life conspired to put me on this path.  More than luck, I am full of gratitude and there is no place I would rather be.

I was born and grew up in Trinidad.  Growing up in the Caribbean was so rich on so many levels. Culturally and ethnically it is very colourful and diverse. My parents had friends of all different backgrounds, ethnicities, religions and cultures and this gave me a huge appreciation of the value of diversity which has been both a core value and a running theme in my business and own adult life. I love that I now have clients, colleagues and friends all over the world.  Of course, it goes without saying that island life in the sunshine with friends, the beaches, music, carnival and laid back lifestyle is in my bones.  This is in large part why we now live in Spain!

After completing my BA in Interdepartmental Biology and Chemistry I had to acknowledge the feeling that had been growing inside me over the course of that intensely academic four year degree, that there had to be more to life…more to me.  I had always been good at and enjoyed the sciences but I knew deep down that they didn’t account for at least 80% of my beingness I had been aware of from a very young age.

As fate would have it, a good friend invited me along to a reiki training weekend in Trinidad.  It was there that I first glimpsed my true nature, first and foremost as a being made of energy. I had no real reference for what I had walked into, but I could feel such a deep sense of ‘rightness’ vibrating strongly in each of my cells.

The experience taught me in no uncertain terms that all those subtle senses that I’d been aware of within myself and around me my entire life up to that point had been real.  Moreover, they represented real emotions, dynamics, unseen and little understood aspects of people, places and inanimate things!  It was in every way, a revelation, healing and crucially important life moment for me.

From here, my subtle senses began to take on a life of their own, so much so, that within four years, I opened up my own brick and mortar private practice in Trinidad. I enjoyed it immensely, my clients received incredible healings, and my practice grew rapidly via word of mouth.  I was so fulfilled.

Finally, I had found my way…

Caroline’s way.

It was at that time I discovered that working soul to soul with clients was my life’s work.

As fate would have it, around that time I also had the privilege of getting to know the incredible clairvoyant skills teacher Francine Marie Sheppard very well while we were both in Trinidad.  This was a hugely important moment in my life as Francine, a graduate of the renowned Berkeley Psychic Institute and Church of Divine Man in California, later founded the Academy of Clairvoyance and Consciousness. I trained with her intensively to clairvoyant teacher level starting in 2007 for several years after my husband and I had moved to the UK.

I also trained at an advanced professional level with International School of Clairvoyance founder, author and psychic researcher Debra Lynne Katz.  Because there are many preconceived notions out there about clairvoyance and what clairvoyants are however, it is important for me to clarify exactly what I mean when I use these words.

Clairvoyance is a mid 19th century word of French origin that literally means ‘clear seeing’, discerning or perception beyond ordinary physical sight.

We are all born with and possess this ability but without proper training and experience, it can be difficult to know what you are picking up on and therefore how to articulate or contextualise it too.

You access your clairvoyance through your 6th chakra or third eye in the middle of your forehead which according to Wikipedia, “refers to the gate that leads to inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness.  In New Age Spirituality, the third eye often symbolises a state of enlightenment or the evocation of mental images having deeper personal spiritual or psychological significance.”

Far from being a new age concept, the function of the third eye has been replete with references from different cultures, traditions and religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism for thousands of years.

I have been extremely blessed that my training and business have given me access to a wide array of clients and students from many different backgrounds, situations, cultures and walks of life, to the point where there is very little about the human experience that I have not seen.

I have curated an extensive and priceless personal library of experiences and references that I draw on in each moment of my practice.  As you’ve seen from Sarah’s, Mariana’s and Justine’s stories, when you work with me you save loads of time that would either be spent trying to ‘talk your way’ to the root of your problem, visiting practitioners who simply do not have the ability or know how to go so directly, so deep, or both.

After 12 years of living in the UK, in 2017 we realised our dream of moving to Spain.  Our little Mediterranean island of Mallorca is so international, friendly and offers very the best of island life in Europe that I’ve come to love.  It has been a truly perfect and indeed, very privileged place from which to operate my boutique style business and serve a global clientele.

Who are your clients exactly?

Through my training and novel approach, I help super smart entrepreneurs find extraordinary understanding and resolution with the internal challenges that lurk in their background awareness during the day and keep them up at night.

These can be challenges in their personal lives or businesses, and are almost always characterised by an inner feeling of wrestling, frustration, uneasiness or despair.  The areas that come up consistently for clients include challenging situations and colleagues at work, romantic relationships, tenuous family dynamics, deep healing processes, spiritual crises, self doubt and so on. Above all, they are often issues that clients have been aware have been affecting their ability to feel grounded, settled and self-assured for long periods but have been unable to unpack using conventional methods.

What makes my work stand out from other modalities is my ability to hone right into the cause of my client’s struggle (after years of struggling I bring them understanding within minutes) and share this not only verbally, but in such a way that we communicate on the deepest, most healing levels of the soul.



How are you different from other mentors to successful entrepreneurs with a deep spiritual core?

Your essence beyond your physical body is one of pure energy.  This means that when you work with me you save loads of time that would either be spent trying to ‘talk your way’ to the root of your problem, visiting practitioners who simply do not have the ability or know how to go so directly, so deep, or both.  Simply put, I am able to hone in on exactly the energy and dynamic at the heart of your current challenge or area of discomfort or concern in a very short time.  In this way by identifying where you are out of alignment on the inner, you are able to quickly, effectively and permanently reverse engineer the outer improvements in your life and work you want to see.

What type of personality do you work best with and what is expected of me?

My training enables me to ‘see’ and interpret the energetic and emotional patterns at the core of your struggle.  I am able to reveal highly pertinent information unavailable through conventional modalities and deliver it with clarity and swiftness that literally saves you years.

Healing of this nature is both multi-layered and profound, and because it is guided by your innate wisdom, organic and safe.  It brings you into closer communication with your inherent inner knowing and truth, causes you to naturally release the embedded fears, blocks, conditioning and/or self-doubt that define your struggle, and most importantly, clears the way for you to begin embodying your best-possible livelihood, lifestyle and expression of yourself.

In order to gain the most out of our work:

  • You must be willing to suspend disbelief and have an open mind
  • You must be willing to consider that you don’t have it all together or all figured out
  • You need to be able to not only ask for and accept expert assistance and advice, you must be willing to follow your intuition while trusting in yourself and life
  • You must be able to accept that yours is a unique path and that only you can live and create your life, YOUR WAY
  • You must be willing to let go of all that you think or believe you know and be open to seeing yourself and your life through a completely different lens
  • You must be willing to forgive and hold yourself and your healing process with compassion and love
  • You must be willing to take full ownership and responsibility for your well being, forward movement and growth
  • With new perspective and support you must be willing to take action on the outside of your comfort zone

For what type of personality is Caroline’s approach not going to work?

If you possess a wealth of intellectual knowledge about pivoting yourself out of your current discomfort but are fundamentally unwilling or unable to choose or act differently, deeply consider other perspectives, prefer to do nothing, make excuses, constantly blame, judge others or complain, my work is not for you.

If you are the type of person who needs to be in control, you are not willing to let go of your current modus operandi, you have a history of being in competition with yourself and/or others, resisting help, you are not able to listen or be open to communication and/or being seen at the level of your soul, this work is not for you.

Crucially, if you cannot see the value in investing in your own healing, freedom, progress, peace of mind and growth on all levels, personally and professionally through me, or don’t have budget or money coming in, with all due respect, we won’t be a good match to work together.

I get it.  We’ve all been there and had moments of financial insecurity.  The first thing I would recommend is that you focus on doing whatever it takes to get a steady stream of income coming in, whether that is through a full-time or part-time job.  It is near impossible to create a major life change if you don’t feel at least somewhat financially secure.

Secondly, there are countless free or low cost resources you can utilise to change your vibration and mindset from one of survival to one of creation.  The important thing here is not so much what you choose to do as much as your determination to do it!

Thirdly, once you’ve implemented the steps above, be aware that there are countless practitioners who can break your journey into smaller stepping stones and help you prepare for this all-in level of personal commitment and work.  I also want to give you the inside scoop when it comes to ‘Avoiding the Life Coach ‘Guru Trap’.  I am certain you will gain huge value from this article I wrote for UK Psychologies Life Labs HERE.

If you follow this advice, you will know in your heart of hearts when it is time to go all in.  That’s the point at which you need to reach out.

I’ll be here!

What exactly does reading energy mean and does it really work?

We all possess the ability to see and sense beyond our physical senses, however without proper training and experience, it can be difficult to know what you are picking up on and therefore how to articulate or contextualise it too.

Imagine for a moment that there is no physical form – only energy and that everything, everyone and their thought forms, emotions, dynamics, communications, fears, limits, beliefs, fantasies and dreams could be reduced to and perceived in their energetic form.

Imagine now a landscape upon which you can see all of these dance and play with each other just by honing in on the information you wanted to discover and because you know where it resides.  What you would see are various patterns and effects in the form of images, colours, sensations, memories, stories, explanations and trains of thought that allow you to get straight to the heart of whatever you wanted to better understand or had been worrying or troubling you.

One of the unique aspects of this work is that when you put your attention on energy, it is the nature of that energy to shift, move and often transform and/or release. So in this sense, rather than being subjective, as a trained energy reader/clairvoyant, I can tune right into the area you want to explore and tell you exactly what I see.  As I describe what I am noticing, you are able through your own senses and felt experience in your body to put  your attention on what we are both looking at at the same time.

This is the moment in which you gain the inner knowing and understanding that previously eluded you.  This is the moment in which huge healing and transformation begins because it is where you finally begin seeing your real self alongside the aspect of you that has been struggling with some form of internalised untruth.

In other words, the challenging situations, relationships or dynamics you struggle with within yourself exist and work precisely because you aren’t conscious of where they came from or how they came to be rooted in your body or personal space.

Instant recognition of your personal truth – this is the lever that dissolves all the convolutions and untruths that have been causing you to feel diminished and a lesser version of the bright, powerful and capable individual you are.

In my experience, there are few modalities that will give you the answers you have been searching for in such a short time while at the same time restoring you to your full potential and truth.  In this way you naturally recalibrate on the inner and outer and begin creating, communicating and living from this new energetic space.  The automatic reset you experience is why it is so common to achieve such drastic, permanent improvements in your relationships, work, income and opportunities within a short time as a result of this work.

Can I contact some of your former clients to see what it’s like to work with you?

Yes, by all means you can however please be aware that owing to the highly personal nature of this work that for many clients, their inner process is deeply private and sacrosanct.  For this reason, the best way to learn about the experiences clients have had working with me is via the Testimonials page.

How quickly can I expect results?

Typically if you are fully committed to a program container we both agree is the right size for you, you are willing to trust yourself to land on your feet and do what it takes, you will begin noticing significant inner and outer shifts right away.  Depending on the nature of your challenge, the mindset of those involved, your willingness to take action outside your comfort zone etc you may find that some issues naturally present themselves to be dealt with in layers.  For example, this can be the case with family or work/colleague related challenges where change takes place incrementally over a period of months rather than instantaneously as energetically you begin shifting and trusting yourself more.

What results can I expect from the 6 month Rapid Breakthrough Deluxe package?

By working closely with me in my highly successful, signature 6 month Rapid Breakthrough Deluxe program, you can expect to:

  • Hone in on the exact areas, situations or challenges that have been causing you to operate at a less than optimum level in your personal life, work or both
  • Uncover the inner and outer energetic dynamics that have been keeping you in this holding pattern, restricted mindset and outward view
  • Begin dismantling the thinking and energy patterns that have been blocking you from unleashing your full passion and impact in your life and work
  • Learn how to consciously choose and anchor new aligned ways of communicating, working and ways in which you share yourself, your expertise and time
  • Stay accountable to your inner and outer goals and achieve them
  • Have created a completely new inner foundation for your life, work, offerings, creations, communication etc within the first 3 months
  • Get super clear on your true passion, strengths and gifts and how these are wanting to be shared in your life and work right now
  • Learn how to embody your unique brand so you stand out in the market place and get paid as one of a kind
  • Learn the essentials of effective time management and boundaries i.e. working smarter not harder in your business so you can deliver your best work while maintaining  yourself in a vibration of enjoyment and ease
  • Realign the course of your business so you can bring in bigger contracts and/or pay checks and begin recouping your investment right away

How will we work together and what does the 6 month Rapid Breakthrough Deluxe package entail?

The 6 month Rapid Breakthrough Deluxe package includes:

  • 8 x 60 minute sessions, face to face online via Zoom
  • 2 x 90 minute sessions, face to face online via Zoom
  • One (1) full in person VIP day with me, Caroline at a beautiful 5* facility in Mallorca
  • 4 x 30 minute phone calls for additional support
  • Shared online journal for consistent accountability and support

My signature 6 month package is for entrepreneurs who have reached a seemingly impossible, frustrating impasse in your personal life (primary relationships, family, friends, community etc) or business. This level of commitment is perfect if you wake up each morning with a feeling of dread because there is nothing exciting happening or new to look forward to.  If you are at a loss as to how to reconnect with your enthusiasm and sovereignty and call in all the wonderful opportunities that life has to offer (again), it is also likely that you have tried many different practitioners and modalities to break this mental/emotional/spiritual/physical gridlock but nothing has grabbed on long enough to enable you to identify or address the root cause.

You realise that the cost of your unhappiness is just way too high, time is of the essence and you need expert support to hone in directly on the deeply embedded patterning that has been causing you to recreate these experiences of disconnection again and again.

By the end of the 6 months, you will find yourself in a completely different energetic and external place than where you began.  I have had clients leave jobs and/or relationships, get pregnant, have babies, become nationally and internationally recognised in their fields, expand their businesses, create new relationships after years of being single, relocate to home in new places after many years feeling physically stuck, increase their incomes, bring in new, higher value, more aligned contracts as well as exciting new opportunities for collaboration and/or work.

In terms of the time, exploration, understanding, guidance and implementation required to organically rebuild your life with higher quality relationships, connection, community and expansive opportunities that will take your business into its next iteration, this package is the most effective by far.


How can I guarantee myself that I will get results in record time?

Your results will depend on whether the improvements you desire to create are related to your personal life or work.  Generally speaking you tend to yield more immediate influence in your home environment and relationships with family, loved ones and friends than in your business where you might be dependent upon on-boarding new clients, working with service providers, external time lines etc so some of the changes you put in motion will naturally require a longer lead time before you see results.

That said, it is important to emphasise that any and all changes you desire to create are contingent upon your courage and determination to honour your truth and just do what it takes.  Once you have done all you can possibly do to your absolute best, it is inevitable that you will begin noticing some form of opening, aligned movement and growth taking place right away.  My experience is that your process may not necessarily unfold how you might have envisioned it unfolding but it is always for your highest good and that of all concerned.

There are no prices on the website. What are your rates?

Broadly speaking, my rates range from roughly 125€ for my intimate (4 person) Soul Circle offering into the five figures for my most top level packages and because of this, I have availability to work with just a select group of handpicked entrepreneurs each year.  If working with me is calling to you, the first step is for us to schedule a call where we can meet and get to know each other a bit.  Feeling deeply connected to my clients and building solid relationships based on mutual respect and trust are necessary prerequisites for this deeply personal work.

Also, as we explore the areas in which you most need support it may become apparent that you would benefit more from a customised package that will energetically hold your process and desired outcomes better than the packages displayed on the website.  For this reason, together with the fact that when you work with me, you are investing in yourself through me, I offer a sliding scale of rates for my clients.

I have found therefore that it does not make sense to display set rates.  The actual rates my clients pay are based on a variety of factors including client income, individual circumstances and always, honouring my training, unique expertise and time. Ultimately, the system I use is designed to ensure before we step into any high level work together, that you – the unique being YOU are – are fully committed, focussed and energetically IN.

In this sense, both my work and rates are very bespoke but like I said, the first step is for us to meet and see if we click.  If we do, super!  We’ll allow our relationship to naturally evolve.  If we don’t, no hard feelings.  It only makes sense for you to have the support and connections that serve you best and it will be clear if we aren’t a good match.  My wish is that you take what you can from the experience and continue your search so you can find what you need.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, all major credit cards are accepted.  Alternatively you can also make your payment/s via direct bank transfer.

I have a busy life. Although I want so badly to change my situation, I don’t have much time to spare. How much time do I need?

Okay, so if we are super honest, the real questions here are “Can you really afford to not invest financially and time-wise in changing your situation?” and “Where will you be in 12 months if you don’t change anything now?”

The truth is that as you are trying on the idea of working with me for size, on another level, you are energetically (psychically or clairvoyantly – yes you!) looking at the huge prospect of changing the very fabric of your life and all that signifies and involves.  It can feel a daunting prospect and it is at times like these that your rational, linear, three dimensional mind is most prone to propose objections cleverly disguised as ‘realities’ that tend to show up most around issues of money, time, timing and what your partner/spouse/family/loved ones will think or say.

These objections are designed to negate and invalidate any leaning it senses around your spirit reaching towards forward movement, discomfort and growth.

In other words, your ego loves predictability – even if that predictability is metaphorically killing your spirit and keeping you stuck.  Your ego is terrified by the prospect of change and will present to you a series of ‘rational’ retorts designed to cause you to question the necessity for such huge, multi-layered life change.

This is the place at which many people unwittingly let their fears hold them back from stepping into the deep healing and growth they so need.  However, the folks who are able to step back and see this happening and still say yes to their deep desires find themselves immediately catapulted into a new vibrational place from which the energetic shackles that have been keeping them feeling chained begin to rattle and break.

If you can muster your courage and trust yourself to land on your feet on the other side of working with me, you must DECIDE fully and completely that you are IN.  And when you are IN, the question is not so much one of ‘how much time’ as much as it is about affirming your full bodied commitment to your healing process and to yourself.

With this in mind, you must be willing to do whatever life asks of you…to do whatever it takes to find your freedom and heal knowing, trusting that your decision to step into your truth restores Divine order and offers everyone involved the opportunity to heal and evolve themselves too.

From here, and as a result of the change in vibration that takes place in your cells through our work, you will literally begin seeing and experiencing yourself differently.

Clients consistently report that a fascinating feature of their journey with me is that they discover they are able to respond to life more confidently, calmly, authentically – and hence powerfully – with a deep felt knowing about who they really are.

This is the energetic ‘pivoting’ that lies at the centre of any work we embark on together.  This is what enables you to effortlessly realign with your fullest potential and truth.  In this way you naturally begin moving towards the happiness, peace and higher quality experiences, relationships, connections and collaborations you are meant for and deserve.

Ok, I’m ready to do this for myself, but I have a couple additional questions. What’s my next step?

Of course, you can reach out and email me at  It’s the quickest way to get your questions answered as I’m often working or with a client and can’t pick up the phone.  Once you’re satisfied that you’ve got all your questions answered, the next step is for us to schedule a call to get to know each other and so we can identify exactly the depth and scope of support that will catapult you into the change you desire now.  We’ll also get to feel into whether we are are good fit to work together.  I look forward to hearing from you and from there, to meeting you too!

Can you answer questions about what will happen to me or my loved ones in the future?

My focus is on helping restore you to your fullest potential and self in a way that you know and embody this on all levels in present time.

The reason that being present to this moment of NOW is such an important premise of my work, is because present time awareness of yourself is precisely what is needed in order that you can reclaim your free will and consciously begin reshaping your experiences, relationships, life, lifestyle and work.

Relying on predictions of the future implies that you are not sovereign over your life but rather, that it is predestined and completely subject to forces beyond your control.  And while there are indeed some factors that are beyond your control, my fundamental belief is that to a large extent you create and co-create your life by your choices and awareness (or lack of awareness) as you go.

Therefore by this thinking, the outcomes and challenges you experience in life reflect a variety of  contributing factors such as where you are on your journey, the growth themes you are currently learning as a spirit in a physical body here on the planet, your consciousness, unconsciousness, spiritual contracts and/or psychic cords you are being the effect of and so on.

My belief is that the very act of reclaiming your sovereignty sets you down a healing path towards remembering truly, deeply, who YOU are – not who you are expected to be.

This hazy place of being confused, lost and in pain is the same place via which your intuition or soul’s wisdom speaks to you, nudging you on towards healing, growth and change.  

This is where the journey of fulfilling your soul’s desire for a better, happier more purposeful, meaningful life begins.  

This hazy place is the place where you finally access the understanding that starting now, like it or not, only YOU can live and create your life – the full life you are meant to be living – YOUR way.

My view is that buying into predictions of the future robs you of the journey and the healing your soul desires because in doing so, you turn your back on yourself and your autonomy in your life.  And soul level healing is my life’s work…herein you see my dilemma.

To me, a practitioner interfering in someone’s sovereignty over their life by programming them to expect just one specific outcome or other in the future is one and the same as accumulating karma (of the not-so-nice-kind) for themselves.  It is hugely damaging and disempowering for the client and in my opinion, violates not only my personal code of ethics but also practitioner/client trust.

The truth is that you the client, possess free will.  The future is not set in stone. You are constantly creating and recreating your future as  you go.

The best advice I can give you if you find yourself tempted to look for concrete answers about the future from an outside source is to take a close look at yourself and what you’re experiencing, where you might be in fear for example, and KNOW…

Open up to the possibility that there is another more healing, empowering way…

That of disregarding everything and everyone on the external for moment, listening in closely, saying yes to your wisdom and doing things your way.

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