An Interview: High-level spiritual mentorship & living the life you were MEANT to live

Get unique behind the scenes access to what it’s really like being a VIP client of Caroline’s.  This interview with Cherylyn Freiwald from Golden, Colorado was originally published on July 31st, 2018 by Mallorca’s local Nourish the Guide.

As a Professional Clairvoyant and Spiritual Mentor, what did you think that job title meant before working with Caroline?

It’s rather misleading really. It gives one an impression of airy-ness, woo woo or crazy because of our cultures focus on material/physical gains and ladder climbing. So I was a little hesitant even though I have been trained in Clairvoyance myself. My tendency has always been to look somewhere else or to others for answers and I think that’s probably true for many people. But the Spiritual Mentor piece was what I was looking most for – someone to help me navigate my own spirituality and beliefs.

What is it that made you first get in touch with Caroline?  Why did you feel she might be able to help?

I was at a point where I felt I was very stuck and not knowing where to turn or how to move forward. As I say, I was looking to others for guidance. But I got a really strong hit that Caroline could help me. I resisted a lot at first. I kept thinking ‘I should do this on my own, I have all the answers’. Which in a way is completely true. However, I also knew I wasn’t getting anywhere. I went with my gut and I am forever grateful that I did!

You have been working together with Caroline on and off now for a period of about 3 years.  How does your experience of Caroline’s expertise, training and skills compare with that of other healers and practitioners you have worked with in the past?

I have worked with a few other readers and healers in the last 12 years in my search for healing. None of them have ever given me or guided me to the answers that are hidden in me. Caroline can see them and help me excavate them and bring out what I need to see and know to help me heal and move forward. Others have had either pat answers they give everyone or mixed up their needs and healing with my own and named it mine instead of theirs. Caroline has never done that. She is a very clear, heart centered person who can see you(me) very clearly and what you need to heal or hear or see to move forward. Her perspective is priceless.

Caroline’s premium level, high-touch expertise really comes into its own with deeply spiritual women who are or aspire to be financially free.  What has been your experience of investing financially at a high level in yourself (a 5 figure investment) and being a VIP client of Caroline’s?

It was scary to commit to investing in this program and being a VIP Client. And really it’s a commitment to myself, my happiness, healing and growth. And that’s what I knew I wanted from the beginning. So it was a choice of s*&^ or get off the pot! (Sorry thats a little risque!) It’s still a stretch at times. But with her guidance, support and vision I am doing it!

As someone who has done extensive self-growth work on herself for many years, what has working with Caroline at such a highly personalised, intensive level provided you with, that you haven’t been able to unlock or access in yourself before?

There has been a level of clarity and vision from Caroline that has helped me to see myself and my goals so clearly. Also to see my past and the blocks I need to heal in order to get where I’m going. I don’t always have the exact picture of my goal but I am on the path and I am creating my life in every moment more clearly, healthily and happily!

What do you feel Caroline is the absolute BEST at?

Grounding, humor and above all perspective and vision. She SEES you and where you’re at in the moment. She helps me to see me, to see my past, to see my possibilities and to create those possibilities.

What is the perspective you get from Caroline that you don’t get anywhere else?

Truth. Truth of who I am as a spirit and as a person and how I show up and create my life.

What do you find most surprising about working with Caroline?

She is always right there with me even from halfway around the world! Her ability to hold my spirit, a container for the highest good of my Self, my spirit, my soul is astonishing.

What happens personally for you in your work with Caroline that doesn’t happen with anyone else?

I always get aha moments in every interaction. And these aren’t just your every day aha’s. They’re almost always deep, healing aha’s that propel me ever deeper and further along my path. I get adjustments on my course either by her or by my seeing more clearly due to her guidance.

What are Caroline’s 3 main personal qualities or characteristics that make her work really effective?

Her vision/insight; her clarity and her ability to communicate what the energetics are around any issue.

Based on your experience, what is the approach/mindset/perspective/belief necessary as a client to gain maximum benefit from Caroline’s work (name your top 3 to 5)?

  • Being open to her guidance;
  • Believing that you can create whatever it is you’re dreaming;
  • Willingness to risk and step into something new and perhaps uncomfortable;
  • Willingness to look, really look at yourself and what’s up for you in the moment, then heal it and move on.

What is it about the structure that Caroline provides that has helped you move forward in your life?

Her constant support that is also not intrusive or pushy. She has a deep level of acceptance and love that is very hard to find and allows me to jump even when I’m scared to death!

What would you say to anyone who might be reading about your experience now and thinking about working with Caroline?

Do it!!! You will never regret it. Working with Caroline is life changing like nothing else.

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