Are you an overwhelmed Mum Entrepreneur who’s lost your confidence and identity post-kids?

Are you an ex, high-flying corporate Mum Entrepreneur who started your business with the sincerest of intentions to create a better life for your family and self, but instead, have been feeling:

  • Unsure of what you got yourself into by deciding to branch out on your own?
  • Like ‘just a housewife and a mum’ – a shadow of your former polished, confident self
  • Less than, because your husband doesn’t take your business seriously and thinks it is just an expensive hobby that is never going to fly?
  • Anxious because you aren’t bringing home the income you did before
  • Indecisive, demotivated and constantly exhausted and overwhelmed?
  • Despair because you don’t know who you are anymore?
  • At a loss as to what is needed to help you get back on track?
  • Like there is no where you can turn or no one who will understand?

In my experience, there is a lot of taboo and shame around both having and admitting to these feelings because of our ‘do/be/have it all’ generation of women not wanting to appear weak.

The reality however is vastly different. Difficulty feeling grounded, having a big impact, truly being present, feeling rested, happy, confident, creative and successful in life and work, is a struggle that many of the Mum Entrepreneurs I encounter share.

As one myself, here is what I have come to know:

You can only create and live a beautiful, balanced life when you can surrender to life with a sound knowledge and understanding of your limits, boundaries, strengths, weaknesses – who you, fundamentally ARE.

More importantly, real, lasting success and freedom can only come when you commit to creating your life from a place of self-honesty, courage and trust.

If you can say YES to your inner yes that you can’t stay in this lost, unhappy place for one moment more, chances are I can help you out of this rut. Seize the moment to nab yourself a connection call so we can decide if we are a good match to begin creating a big shift for you right away.
If we are, this will be the week that EVERYTHING begins changing for you.

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If you are interested in how I might be able to help you pivot far away from your achilles heel, apply now for an in-depth, personalised, complimentary consultation with me, Caroline Diana Bobart. We’ll meet face to face in my personal online meeting room and look at:
1. The area/s in which you’ve been struggling
2. Exactly what you need to become aware of and do to begin changing things right away
3. Whether it feels good for me to support you in this process and if so, based on your needs and desired outcomes, what that can look like for you.