Caroline Diana Bobart

Who is Caroline?

My soul-level clients, the ones I have karma and are deeply connected with, no matter their life purpose or quest, possess inextinguishable drivers called courage, freedom, hunger and truth.


We may not have met yet in person, but whether it is personal, spiritual or financial freedom you hold dear, or freedom from pain, heartache or lack, these are all simply different facets of the fundamental human desire to be FREE.


My client testimonials reveal that my work is extremely advanced, life changing and unique.  On the island of Mallorca where I live, there is no one, as far as I know who has formal clairvoyant training (Academy of Clairvoyance and Consciousness with Francine Marie Sheppard and International School of Clairvoyance with Debra Lynne Katz) or a comparable ability to plumb the depths of personal healing and growth to help super smart, spiritual entrepreneurs, evolve and expand in every area of their lives.

What is my expertise?

To give you an idea of how I work, first of all, you need to know that soul-level connection with my clients is my most important gauge of whether we are a good fit.  

We are so used to going through life halfway not expecting, halfway not wanting to be truly SEEN.  Being in my sphere, seeing things through my eyes, gives you a sense of what it feels like to even contemplate that you, amidst all your present fears and concerns could call in huge life change.

We are not talking fortune telling or Agony Aunt advice here.  

When you work with me, you glimpse nothing short of your Divinity and receive healing so powerful and life changing because you’ve traversed layers of intense human conditioning to reconnect with the deepest truth and wisdom of your soul.  

Client Testimonial

“Caroline’s work completely and totally stands out for her combination of clarity and confidence. This was particularly essential when I hit a very rough patch in my work – resisting very strongly what was surfacing (or not). In that moment, Caroline’s ability to be stable, receptive, compassionate, fearless and clear about boundaries was definitely something to witness!

Another thing that strikes me is Caroline’s ability to offer me the right combination of guidance and space for me to experience a felt sense of myself. Getting a taste of myself – in Caroline’s presence – was completely transformational in essence but the felt experience was more subtle, like the warmth of coming home. It’s as if all of a sudden, I was able to “remember” where home was (or rather that I was already home)… after having felt unable to describe home, let alone know where home was, for most of my life.”

Miriam Bekkouche, Founder & CEO www.brainspa.work

Are you ready for your highest level of transformation, accountability, holding and being SEEN?

As a trained energy reader and executive mentor for many years, I’ve come to know that no matter the successes a person might have had up to this point in building their career, the inner work that they’ve done or the outwardly beautiful life that they have, even in the realms of success there are inner places that we keep circling as humans.

Highly successful people – as well as people who desire to be highly successful  – struggle in this key way and I help them unlock an infinitely deeper understanding that has up to this point been veiled, inaccessible, unspoken, messy…a problem or struggle that all their inner self help, personal growth and outer professional growth work has hovered around but not been able to exactly identify.

Pinpointing the truth is what many highly successful people and people who desire success have been circling for a long time and getting closer and closer to but not fully revealing.

My work reveals that.

Revealing the ‘truth key’ you’ve been circling around is the missing piece for the most highly successful people who are go getters, spiritual seekers and personal growth lovers.  When you can SEE the truth of the inner experience you’ve been having, you experience illumination.  Your understanding of who you ARE expands exponentially and you gain a freedom that ripples out and almost immediately improves every facet of your work, relationships and quality of life.

If this is resonating with you, my sense is that you would thoroughly enjoy and be intrigued for us to connect over the importance of understanding your own inner truth key and the missing pieces that I provide.

Have a look at the FAQ’s section to learn more about how I work and feel into how you sense I might be able to help you right now.  From there, I’d be delighted if you decide you’d like to talk things through.  You can get in touch to get a free 30 minute consultation set up HERE.