Caroline Diana Bobart


Caroline Diana Bobart is a professional clairvoyant who helps her clients see and understand the often decades-long, misunderstood reasons behind their most fraught relationships so they can finally move on with their lives and create rapid personal and professional growth.


Caroline holds a BA in Interdepartmental Biology and Chemistry and has been an energy healer in private practice for more than two decades. She trained as a professional clairvoyant and teacher of clairvoyance with accomplished teachers such as Francine Marie Sheppard and Debra Lynn Katz during that time.



Through high-touch mentoring and an almost immediate understanding of how their key relationships and decision-making have impacted their success, Caroline saves her clients a great deal of stress, money, and time. As a result, they have become nationally and internationally recognized in their industries, increased their income, transformed relationships, and attracted love into their lives.



Caroline spends most of her free time immersing herself in Spanish language and culture as she lives with her family on the beautiful island of Mallorca in Spain.

Why *CLEAR SEEING* works so well

Clairvoyance literally means ‘clear seeing’ … however … we are so used to going through life halfway not *expecting*/halfway not *wanting* to be truly SEEN.

Clairvoyantly uncovering long-hidden (often hurtful, confusing) dynamics between you and another person awakens a sense that, even amidst fear and worry, you can find peace within a relationship that has concerned you for so long.

We are not talking about fortune telling or Agony Aunt advice here.  

When you work with Caroline, through her gaze you glimpse nothing short of your Divinity and receive healing so powerful and life-changing it is inevitable that the relationship in question begins to shift. You begin to see yourself in new, more accurate ways and this reconnects you with the deepest truth and wisdom of your soul.  

Read about Miriam’s experience in her own words here …

Client Testimonial

“Caroline’s work completely and totally stands out for her combination of clarity and confidence. This was particularly essential when I hit a very rough patch in my work – resisting very strongly what was surfacing (or not). In that moment, Caroline’s ability to be stable, receptive, compassionate, fearless and clear about boundaries was definitely something to witness!

… Another thing that strikes me is Caroline’s ability to offer me the right combination of guidance and space for me to experience a felt sense of myself. Getting a taste of myself – in Caroline’s presence – was completely transformational in essence but the felt experience was more subtle, like the warmth of coming home. It’s as if all of a sudden, I was able to “remember” where home was (or rather that I was already home) … after having felt unable to describe home, let alone know where home was, for most of my life.”

Miriam Bekkouche, Founder & CEO www.brainspa.work

For more information or to book a session email hello@carolinediana.com

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