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Hi, I’m Caroline. My 20+ years experience of holding a safe, transformative, sometimes humorous, always non-judgemental space for my clients to overcome their most troublesome personal and professional relationships, and gain a greater command of their agency, is why many of them consistently return to work with me.

If you’ve had enough of feeling disrespected, exhausted, invalidated and unsure, I will show you how you can regain control of the situation with a level of confidence and certainty you didn’t know existed. How do we do that?

It begins with you stepping into a face to face session with me, either in-person or on zoom. My offer to you is an immediate 180 degree turn of perspective on where you’ve been getting stuck, and how you’ve been approaching the relationship in question from a certain haze.

You see, I work on the premise that how we articulate our experience of conflict in our relationships almost always reflects just one level of a deeper-rooted problem or pattern that exists. Truth be told, it is rarely ever the level at which conflict is resolved. Once I show you and you understand the difference between these two levels, you will literally begin to feel your discomfort dissolve.

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