Work With Me

The journey back to your unique self is the most rewarding journey you will ever make.
It is the reason you exist.
Not fully knowing yourself lies at the root of everything you are unhappy with in your life.
My work is to help you remember and become who you REALLY are, so you can begin building your beautiful life.

What it’s *really* like behind the scenes

As Mallorca’s go-to Professional Clairvoyant and Spiritual Mentor, here is why every cell in my body lights up with passion and life-force when I am in session with a client who is significantly invested in their transformation and growth:

  • They are ripe to receive uncommon information and understanding about their situation or struggle
  • They have come to get a taste of the magic that is me in my genius zone
  • They instinctively know that in session with me, they are stepping beyond the veil into the space between the seen and unseen worlds
  • They are attempting to step closer to their resolution and healing than they have ever been, and perhaps most importantly,
  • They are praying, even without knowing it, that they will begin to grasp who they REALLY are so that they can move past their current stalemate and finally create their “REAL” – happy, healthy, enriched, grown-up lives

This combination of inner factors together with the premium-level expertise, structure and first class settings and location I provide on this glorious island, in this very special part of the world, are the time tested recipe needed for major breakthroughs to occur.

Additionally, after 16 years in private practice, here is what I have come to know…
My work is not for:

  • The spiritual shoppers who aren’t willing to change or improve their lives but do love, just for the fun of it, to experience the next wacky new thing
  • Folks who want a psychic to look into a crystal ball, tell them the future and/or curious but essentially useless facts
  • The dreamers who have been waiting, wishing and hoping for years, unprepared to do anything differently and yet, expect to call in a miracle or saviour to completely change their lives
  • Folks who have not yet learnt the transformational power of seizing the present moment, investing significantly in themselves AND having skin in the game

My work is for folks who are courageous, trust themselves and the Universe, their own inner compass, and who are determined to find healing and resolution because they know in their hearts, there is much more waiting for them in the next phase of their lives.

My work is to help you release unhelpful emotional baggage and bring your old stories and limiting ways to a loving close.

My work is to help you see beyond the confusion and shroudedness that block you from fully knowing yourself and creating your beautiful life.

It is only in this way that you can step fully into your next level of love, havingness, community, income, fulfilment and the lifestyle you desire most. Change is scary, yes, but it is also imperative in order that you can grow.

If you are a change-seeker and are ready to kickstart your ‘real’ life, full of enriching, meaningful and fresh new experiences, you and me need to talk. Let’s identify exactly what is required to make this a reality for you.

The change you’ve been longing for is HERE for you now.

VIP Client testimonials

Here is what some of my recent VIP clients had to say (you’ll notice one from a male client, Kyle. While I work predominantly with women, I do have some amazing male clients. I always follow the energy’s lead and this feels completely right):

VIP experiences and days

VIP days take place either in person at my 5* hotel base overlooking the quiet Canyamel valley in the East of Mallorca, or virtually, face to face in my private online meeting room. For longer term VIP experiences, for example 12 months, we often use a combination of both in-person days and virtual conference calls. At the heart of your VIP package or day, we will focus on whatever area we mutually agree needs the most attention right now. Broadly speaking, this can be around any of the following themes:


This is a major area that clients will often desire to work on and encompasses an almost unending stream of different types of relationships, past and present that have moulded you into who you are today – and more importantly – your beliefs about who you are today. Relationships that often come up are those within the core family, those with wider family members growing up, teachers, friends, significant others, or the desire to create a healthy relationship after a string of unhealthy ones. It is important you are aware that the key to any type of work on relationships will ultimately bring us back to your primary relationship – the relationship with yourself.


As human beings, our relationships with money are often charged and complex, whether have have lots of it or not. As the physical equivalent of life-force energy, there is no shortage of different ways in which it affects our physical experience as well as our happiness levels, confidence and self-worth. You are free to bring forward whatever your individual challenge is. As just one example based on VIP days I have done in the past, we can focus on identifying the dynamic that has been preventing you from breaking through your specific plateau, whatever that is for you…25K, 50K, 100K or whatever…without busting a gut. We will look at exactly why you are where you are right now and provide you with key reframes to shift this dynamic for good.


From the moment we are born, we are all given labels and boxes that according to our families, cultures and societies, we are intended to occupy in this world. By the time that clients reach my door however, they have usually recognised that trying to live their lives according to these boxes is making them unhappy and pretty much frustrated and ineffective at everything they do. This is an area I love working on because I am a huge advocate for helping clients find their own wisdom, style, and the unique way that life moves through them touching everyone and everything they encounter with elegance and grace. This work requires deep courage and conviction but together with my guidance, your willingness to do whatever it takes to fully reclaim your life, becomes the driver that creates radical, permanent and positive life change.

Other common areas of focus include Health, Purpose and Career. It isn’t unusual however, to discover that there is overlap between areas on the deeper levels once we begin the work.

Your VIP day or package is highly bespoke and always a perfect fit for where you are and your current needs.

If you are **READY**

If you are ready to explore the type of highly personalised support that will have the greatest impact for you, let’s get you booked in the calendar! Send me an email at

Here’s to saying a huge YES to your authentic self, fullest potential and the abundance and quality of life you desire most.

xx Caroline