“For me, trying to describe Caroline, or the work with her, is like trying to describe light. The experience is so subtle, so shimmering, vast and primordial, it’s hard to grasp or do justice to in a few sentences. You can only see the light/the process by how it illuminates what it touches, but not the light itself.

My time with Caroline has not just been life supporting and life changing but probably (at the risk of overstating/sounding dramatic) life saving. I can’t imagine where I might have ended up if I had not done the work with her. I was stuck in so much mud and unable to dig my way out by myself despite all the tools and knowledge I had at hand. She was like an angel that arrived and said “Come. Let me help you.”  And I took her help not because I believed she could help me change anything but because I was in so much pain, I had nowhere else to turn and nothing to lose. And she helped me change everything in a real sense… to redraw the blueprint of my life. Maybe all that healing was going to happen anyway without her but I’m glad I didn’t take that chance.

Caroline sees so far into issues/energy/beliefs/circumstances, to the root of them, that I often thought she was not focussed on or was missing the point of what I wanted to tackle. But of course, she was really seeing more than I could and especially what I didn’t WANT to see or really tackle. Exploring any issue with her is like saying you want to look at the Earth and she says ok and shows you the entire solar system and maybe the galaxies in the background. And you think, “She didn’t get it. We’re not looking at the Earth, dammit!” But she is, of course, showing you the truest picture/context of the Earth, better than you might have understood it. She sees your own history and the experiences you have lived (and not just in this lifetime) more clearly and deeply than you often can – past all the unconsciousness, the limiting programming you don’t even know is operating in you, all the blind spots and the sacred cows. And this is not to say she misses or bypasses the details of the micro. Au contraire! She just shows you that the macro IS the micro and vice versa. She is supremely patient and non judgmental and her attention on you is like a laser beam. All of this might sound unnerving but it is not in the least. There is nothing invasive as she moves through the deeper recesses of your inner world and helps you to dismantle and re-build both your inner and your outer life.

So I learned (fairly) early on in the work to trust what she saw well ahead of me until I could catch up. But not in blind faith. She will never allow you to have blind faith in her or anything. Her work is to ensure you heal and empower yourself and see your own universe by yourself, for yourself, without her. She championed me and believed in me way more than I could. She held big spaces for me to fill in and has often stopped me from going further into painful situations even when I wanted to with all my heart. She helped me free myself and made me bolder than I have ever been in facing life. She saw what was there, all my buried potential, and gave me the hope and the confidence to go after it even when I couldn’t even imagine the way ahead, far less see it.

And you don’t get dependent on her. There is no leaning on her. You learn to lean on yourself pretty quickly. She is just the most masterful guide that way. It’s very odd to experience it at first. When you are drowning in mud, you want to be rescued, to have something more “practical” and “concrete” than “just” more light to see the mud better. You want a quick solution – a rope or a magic bridge to the other side. But in the end, it is the light she sheds that reveals or helps you figure out the best solutions to all your problems, within the framework of your karma and aligned with the bigger cosmic timing and plan for your life.

So the work is not “easy” in that sense but there is no other more lasting way out. The process can feel painfully slow at times, going nowhere, unending. But in fact every session moves so much you can’t see. It’s all happening much faster than you can perceive. Just like light! So you follow that light, your own light really, out of the mud and one day, miraculously and suddenly, you are on another, clearer shore looking at new horizons.  

We all have to walk our own road and we are existentially alone in our Gethsemane moments. We walk through our valleys of the shadow of death by ourselves. Caroline sees far into those valleys before you, places you would never want to walk into, and assures you of your way out. You know there is one person in this world that knows the terrain you have to cross and somehow, through the light she brings to your journey, she is with you in those valleys. She knows me better than even the people closest to me. And she is just the loveliest, smartest, funniest, calmest, humblest person. A phenomenal package deal.

There is a quote from the Bible that says, “I shall restore to you the years the locusts have eaten.” I bow to you, Caroline, in eternal gratitude for all you have helped me recover. xoxos”

C. Francois, Trinidad, W.I.

“Finding my life purpose and daily satisfaction in my work were the two biggest factors that led me to C&ML1.

I came across an article by Caroline one day on Facebook that just screamed off the page. It was like she was talking directly to me and the situation I was in. At this point it felt like I had tried everything. I couldn’t understand what I had to do to get to the next level and instill lasting change in my life.

I was just stuck … and extremely frustrated … especially with my career. I had spent the last 5 years looking for some kind of vocation that could bring me happiness … to no avail. I had quit my corporate job earlier to start a business of my own only to find myself completely broke living with my parents. I was deeply unsatisfied.

Talking with Caroline was such a breathe of fresh air … check that, a GODSEND!  I felt better about my situation not but 3 minutes into the call. She held such a warm compassionate space for me … I felt totally respected, understood, and free to let my guard down. And I was in tears shortly after lol.

I could sense that she really got it … she just got me. She understood me on a deep energetic level. I just knew that she would be there for me …as she has been … there with me through the trenches of my own transformation.

So I hopped on board and we dove right into that stagnant energy. I had no idea how much I was deceptively holding myself back! I love how straightforward and honest she is … yet with a soft masters touch of compassion. I learned quickly that this wasn’t going to be a walk in the park. She told me that I needed to be brave … I needed to be courageous and willing to let some things go. She told me that this is a process … and change was not going to happen over night. Which just so happened to be one of my biggest problems. I wanted to change right away … as if I could snap my fingers and become a different person. She assured me that very rarely, if ever, is that the case. In my unrealistic desire to go straight from A to Z I had essentially restrained myself from taking the first step … which is to B of course!

I learned that this is a journey … and if I wanted to accomplish big goals I was going to have to start small and work my way up. So I let go of wanting to be there immediately and embraced the process. I let go of having to create a successful business at this moment of my journey and embraced alternative forms of income that could help get me there. I let go of all this pushing and striving and started to focus my energies inward … on nurturing myself … and building a stronger, more secure foundation. I let go of my significant other even. I found that I was going to have to let go of my living situation as well and find a new place to live. It was not easy but having the sturdy emotional support of Caroline under my feet gave me the extra strength I needed to pull off these sweeping life changes.

Not but two weeks after a job manifested for me almost literally out of the blue. I didn’t even have to take a single action other than answer the phone and talk. It was an absolute divine fit with what I was looking for in my life situation.

Not but a month and a half after my first talk with Caroline I found a new place to live … and for much less than I was originally hoping for. This came about from a simple Facebook message.

As soon as I decided to let go of what was holding me back, committed to it, and took action things just naturally began to manifest in my life. Everything started to flow …easily and smoothly.

Things are moving very quickly in my life now. I finally have a career that supports me in the way I need to be supported right now … with just the right amount of work/freedom/money balance and I know more is coming.

I’ve been working with her for not even 3 months yet my life looks completely different  … I’ve completely shifted. I have much more faith in myself as my sense of self worth continues to rise. I am much more grounded and finally content with the direction that I’m headed. I am finally beginning to accept myself and opt out of critical self judgement … though it is a work in progress 😉

Caroline  has truly been such a blessing to my life beyond what words can describe and I feel like I just met her! Not only is she one of the most intuitive and downright loving individuals that I’ve ever met but she might even be the most grounded as well … which is a rare combo in my experience.

The foundation is set for me now to finally step into my power 100% and fully claim my authentic vibration! And though this process of change has brought me through some stormy waters in the past …  with Caroline’s divine guidance in helping me steer the ship through the waves of my own insecurities and with the drastic life changes I’ve been able to make already with her loving support … I am truly so excited for what is to come!!!”

William Kyle Glenn, Viroqua, WI, USA

When I first began working with Caroline, I was in a very dark place emotionally, career-wise, relationship-wise.  My relationships were primarily about people-pleasing, and I found myself being a chameleon, trying to be what others wanted.  Career wise, I was in a holding pattern, having taken a leap toward a career transition but not knowing what to do next and going about it the wrong way.  Emotionally I was confused and exhausted as a result.

As a result of working with Caroline over the last few months, I’ve noticed a few things, as have others.  Inwardly, I feel a deeper sense of who I am at my core, and I’m more readily able to speak my truth.  I’m able to say no to what’s not aligned with my core values, and I find myself either getting out of relationships that weren’t good for me, or not starting relationships that I know would be dangerous.  And I have been forming new relationships as well as cultivating the ones that are already healthy.  I’ve made significant strides in my career by getting certifications in another field, and I’ve had more fulfilling work assignments.  My schedule has improved, and I’ve been paying more attention to my professional and personal appearance by working on personal branding and website development.

Caroline’s work will push you to become very clear on who you are and what you want so that you can fulfil your life purpose joyfully.  It is refreshing to be able to see the truth about what patterns have been holding you back, especially with Caroline’s highly gifted intuitive abilities and focus on the client living his/her best life.  Among the many things I love about working with Caroline are the intuitive exercises I do as homework, which have the client identifying what shifts have occurred and where the client might feel stalled, and what my inner guidance is telling me, and commit to taking tangible actions; the addition of certain healing practices Caroline may feel I need in order to move forward; and most importantly, Caroline’s laser focus on me living my best life.  She has been able to see certain roadblocks and gifts that I couldn’t, and helped me see it as well so that I could make the next move.

My work with Caroline has supported my inner and outer goals by helping me co-create what I really want in my personal life and professional life.  I can now see where I’m headed this year, and I look forward to making space in my life and welcoming the joy and fulfilment I’ve always wanted.”

Dara Lifschutz, Woodmere, NY, USA

“So when I started C&ML1 it felt like I was pressed from all sides with needs of other people …. and in a funny sort of way, I was not aware that this was unreasonable.

Importantly, I was unable to hold my boundaries and I was not aware how much I was submerging.

I had an automatic acceptance running in me to say ‘yes’ to requests. I easily notice what is needed, where there are ‘gaps’ that need filling, who needs help …. and if I could do it, I hardly questioned that I should.

Of course I noticed that I was stretched, that I wasn’t living ‘my’ life fully, that it was on hold – but this was only with my mind/intellect somehow and not with a deeper awareness… only passing thoughts so to speak.

And quite subtly I was able to justify the situation to myself – I could pretend to myself

Somehow, the more I was automatically available to others, the more expectations from others came my way … unhindered really because of my basic unconscious assumption/expectation that others would be reasonable and not take too much and so I did not have to take responsibility for my boundaries, I largely left that to others

I am still pressed from all sides – even more so I could say – but now I feel fundamentally different. I now have more internal structure and sense of self – it’s still fragile round the edges – but even so, it’s very present.

Before now, I have not felt that I have had the ‘right’ to have a sense of ‘self’ that is not intwined with others. I am now beginning to feel that I ‘deserve’ to take my space, be my size … instead of minimising myself and fitting in, pleasing ….

This is a fundamental thing for me – and I know that the work with Caroline and C&ML1 has been and is very instrumental … the one to one sessions …the group sessions and the course structure are very supportive and truly reflect back to me my own wisdom and knowing, without forcing of being invasive.

Most essential to all of this having a regular/daily practices like Running Energy ( along with others …)  This is key for helping me begin to know and trust my own energy and myself – and to  be able to listen and to express more authentically from my centre.

I feel more solid and true – and its work in progress.

For deep inner work  I think it is totally important to feel safe and held.

In my experience, working with Caroline is simple and safe. She explains and talk in a clear grounded and down to earth way. Importantly, she takes the lead from her client, so that has allowed me to be in control, to come to my own understandings and realisations

She has great insight and intuition and can guide without interfering – for me a very important thing because I have experienced a lot of ‘interference’ in my life – hence my core boundary issues.

The more I am ‘safe’ is the more I can trust and relax and be open to myself…  and have the courage to see what I have been too scared to see.So I can begin to be aware of all the parts of me that have been hidden and covered over … and begin to integrate them and I can feel myself becoming more congruent and authentic.

There’s no rush … and it’s time now – thank you!!

I really appreciated our last session – that realisation made a lot of sense – a real important piece of the puzzle – thank you.”

Jane Duprey, Nailsworth, UK

“I had been struggling for years trying to find out why I didn’t function like others – other people I classed as normal with a sense of belonging, people who were grounded.  I didn’t understand how to get there despite reading/attending/listening to self awareness literature and attending workshops.  I was always left feeling empty and still on my own.  I couldn’t understand this as I was trying my best to follow the self awareness path with meditation and changing my thought pattern, but I was still left looking for that elusive something else to help me break through this wall and come out of the clouds.  When I found this course – or rather it found me – it felt different to what I had experienced previously.  Caroline was very intuitive and sensitive to my needs which in turn gave me to courage to go ahead with this programme.  I started it in February 2016 and have moved so much stuck energy and can actually see my way forward.  The help and guidance from Caroline was and is second to none.  This is what was missing in any other avenues I tried.  The guidance and clarity I have been given by Caroline has helped me enormously to understand and have the courage to move forward.  This is exactly what I needed and was looking for.

Through the deep dives (I’m on my 3rd) I have been able to shift a lot of stuck energy by having the courage to face and acknowledge past hurts, although this was and is extremely difficult for me, with Caroline’s guidance and support I am able to work through it.  Lots of tears and journaling – but once you get past that hump its amazing, the self awareness and revelations experienced – the insight into what was holding me back – its hard to put into words but it has changed me in so many ways.  I feel more confident and able to face challenges although I know I still have a way to go and have more ‘humps’ to get through. I’m confident that whatever comes up next I will have that support, which is key to me moving through this.

I’ve tried to explain to friends and family about the programme but I do find it hard to put into words without sounding like I’m on another planet.  I have had support from a few very close family members and a friend – who gets what and why I’m doing this.    When my friends and family (whom I have told) see changes in me then they get curious as to what the programme is about.   The comments I use to get from some of these people is ‘whatever works for you’ but I think they are genuinely interested in how it is helping me move forward.  I’m not bombarded with questions just genuine encouragement.

Caroline is so approachable, calm and easy to work with.  I never feel judged.  I feel I’m able to open up and say what I need to say without feeling silly or ridiculous.  I’ve had times during these past few months where I needed that extra support.  I found the courage to ask for it and I got it.  Caroline is so insightful and hits the nail on the head with things I struggle to explain or understand, she has a way with words that makes sense out of the things I’m struggling with.    She seems to get what I’m trying to say….so understanding and intuitive.  Even though this is very serious work there is humour too which just helps lighten a situation I’m struggling with without Caroline being dismissive.   

This particular programme has helped me understand and take control of my past life and has given me courage to reach for my goals, even though my goals are small right now it is giving me the power and knowledge to take control of these tiny steps which will eventually lead to bigger steps for me.  Each segment of the programme challenges me in different ways.  The deep dives have pinpointed the hidden issues deep within me.   I have managed to face these challenges with the help and guidance of Caroline, which, without that I would have struggled and not known where to go next and so would have most probably given up, which I think was my problem in the past.  When I was faced with these challenges I didn’t know where to go with it.  The 1:1 skype sessions with Caroline addresses the core of what I’m struggling with.  She is so intuitive and grounded.  Talking through these issues and having someone respond to me is so helpful in my progression.  The Group Calls are very enlightening and good to feel you are part of something.  Hearing other peoples challenges helps me to put mine into perspective.  There is no criticism or judgement from anyone which creates a very safe environment for us all.”

Maureen O’Sullivan, Chepstow, Wales, UK

“When I first started the C&M program, I was in the midst of some of the most challenging times I think I have ever had. I am 56 years old and had always been a pretty upbeat and positive person. However, recently I had become quite negative and stuck in self-judgment and feeling like I had no direction to my life.

Since I have begun the program, I have made significant forward movement and released a huge amount of old beliefs that have held me back and kept me stuck in feeling negative and sorry for myself. I have released things like anger, resentment, jealousy, envy and patterns that I was not even aware I had until Caroline pointed them out and helped me see them.

I would tell others that if they are interested in a truly high level of healing, releasing and growth in their inner world and outer manifestations this is the best possible program! I have done many workshops and programs and read tons of books on how to remove negative beliefs and patterning. This program actually delivers in such a huge way that I can’t even compare it to any other program I have been in or book I have read.

Caroline is incredibly intuitive, supportive and insightful. She has this way of seeing and getting right to the issue that you may not ever have even considered and then it’s like ‘Oh, wow! She’s so right on! I see it now.’

I have started making changes and doing things I have only previously thought about or dreamt about and never really consider or always had excuses for why I couldn’t/shouldn’t/wouldn’t. It’s really amazing how much I have stepped up and out of my ‘comfort zone’ and begun to really accept myself and who I am and that it’s ok to be me and to do what I want. I CAN have it!”

C. Freiwald, Golden, CO, USA

“My journey for the past 6 months started with a notion of what I wanted to feel within myself, my intention was to become “happy” within myself, I was at a loss as to how this could occur I had tried many times by myself to find the true feeling of what I was yearning for but never felt complete in my search. Something just didn’t sit right within me.

I started my Intuitive Life Coaching journey with Caroline and she carefully listened to my outer ramblings as my inner search began. Caroline helped me explore different things that I had before dismissed and thought it was anything other than a past experience and showed me how my inner self needed healing from those situations, so I could let go and truly experience the joy that I knew was locked somewhere deep within.

Caroline helped navigate me step by step and she never made me feel alone, yet still, she gave me wings to fly by myself, free from my bondage within.

I am a new person and even though I may look the same, sound the same, the inner transformation is mind blowing, I have begun to live the life in the space I’ve wanted to for so long.

Never could I explain this journey with words, I am a simple person and can only speak from my heart and the true transformation can only be felt.

I felt like a caterpillar trapped in a cocoon and with Caroline’s’ help she drew me out and showed me I was actually a butterfly.

Please if you are on the fence about stepping into your own, Caroline is a Blessing and with her help intuitively you will forever be changed.

Step into the new you, you will forever be grateful you took this journey with Caroline and nothing would ever make you go back to the old you.

Because you are a butterfly and you will never be the same.”

L. Rollock, Toronto, Canada

“I treasure my time with Caroline, she holds a safe space for me to go within and meet my true self. The lessons of this lifetime come from so far back in my creation that without her I will not be able to access them. To recognize that you are a soul having human experiences and that you truly are a divine spark all sounds uplifting and inspiring. Unfortunately the journey of discovery is messy, scary, painful, full of anger and disappointment whilst the forever supportive Universe constantly sends experiences that help you to grow and break the old patterns.

Caroline is the anchor in this muddy messy place. She ensures the roots of the lotus dig deep. She stands with you and shows you these deep painful pictures that you hold in your being, that you think defines you and she sits with you while you process self betrayal, lack of love and validation, incompleteness. Then she pushes you to move on, to leave behind what no longer serves you, what you grasped at in a futile attempt to complete or validate yourself. Throughout the process the freedom, the power, the awareness, the adventure, your truth, your being, start to rise and there is no going back, no way you can ‘unsee’ you.

You honour your ‘soldier’ that has kept you safe in your journey to your knowing of your true self and you retire ‘the soldier’. You begin to celebrate you, you stand in awe that this powerful, joyful being is you and what stretches ahead of you is getting to know yourself.

Caroline starts you on this journey, she helps you to clear the issues that you now have the power and will to deal with, she helps you to build the life you choose for yourself, this inner self that is a hidden treasure she gave you the map to discover.

Love hugs and lifetimes of blessings”

N Gomes, Trinidad, WI

“This morning was just amazing, Caroline. I’m still swirling trying to process it all. I just hope I can recall everything you said! Ack! It’s already feeling slippery. All the nuances and interlocking points you brought out from deep unconsciousness… So much clarity you have brought. I’m afraid I’ll lose it.

It’s all so big and life changing. The whole scene is in front of me – past present future…the earth and all the galaxies and how they connect. I can see how it all was and how it is now and I can feel how it might and can and probably will be.

I remember my mantra though! “I am ready.” Gonna say that to myself over and over.

This course has been truly phenomenal, Caroline. And we’ve only just begun!  You are absolutely incredible. It never fails to surprise me. And how you work and structure things for us is just the best.  It’s like walking through a garden and everything as you go along is just bursting open with gifts and surprises and pointing to so many possibilities further on.

But the more I really get it is the less I am able to describe it in words.

I’m so so grateful for knowing and working with you. It has been my immense good fortune to be in your orbit.

Blessings to you always.”

C. Francois, WW C&M Participant, Trinidad, W.I.

“I feel so blessed to have Caroline as a spiritual mentor.  Participation in the Creativity and Manifestation Level One course has given me the tools to connect even deeper with my authentic self than I thought possible.  Two months into the course, I found the courage and inner strength to finally do two things I’d been longing to do for years….clear my closet clutter and become an independent consultant in my career. I know that this was a huge step in attaining career satisfaction, and that more dramatic changes are in my future.  The program really helps you clear your mindset so that you know what you deeply, truly want for your best life.  Thank you Caroline!”

Dara Lifschutz, Woodmere, NY, USA

“During six months of private coaching, Caroline has helped my “imprisoned splendor” emerge.  I recognized my vocation is in energy work, but I was side-tracked in the corporate world making a predictable living.  I stayed there despite promptings from my inner being that it was time to shift.  So when I started with Caroline I was in a funk — knowing that leaving the corporate world was the right thing but being unable to access my true alignment.  Caroline’s goal oriented and loving support and her keen intuitive insights helped me to re-connect.

A gifted Intuitive Healer and Clairvoyant, Caroline has helped me return to my life-path during my 6-month private coaching sessions with her.  She did this by lovingly creating a safe energetic space where my issues and blockages came up, were dealt with and cleared.  Defined goals were changed as new insights came up.  During the process core healing and in-depth transformation took place; my own ability to help myself has improved.  I am very grateful for her very timely and effective work.”

Eleanor Aya Warner, Silver Springs, MD, USA

“Caroline, it really is such a great privilege and blessing to have access to you and your “one stop shop” coaching. I thank Nicole and my mum eternally for having found you in the first place. And thank goodness I am ‘in’ now, before it becomes really difficult to have one-on-one sessions with you in the future. I was thinking the other day that even if we never had another session, I got my money’s worth already. The sessions now feel like gravy. Well, kind of. 🙂

Thank you for your patience, and your incredible, magical wisdom and clarity guiding me as I navigate these passages. Pure awesomeness. I honestly don’t know how I would have made it onwards this year without you. The Lord really does provide.

Much, much love.”

C. Francois, WW C&M Participant, Trinidad, W.I.

“As Founder and Director of the Academy of Clairvoyance and Consciousness, where Caroline D. Bobart went through teacher training and was selected to be on staff until 2014, I can heartily recommend Caroline as a wonderful teacher and intuitive guide. Caroline is a very professional teacher who cares deeply about supporting her students as they align authentically with their spirit, develop their intuition and create their best life. She is equally skilled in the classroom teaching in groups as in her intensive one to one mentoring work with private clients. It has been fantastic to watch Caroline do the work she is passionate about in the world. It is gratifying to know that she is helping and empowering so many people to fully integrate their soul purpose and inner voice into their daily lives, work and relationships.”

Francine Marie-Sheppard, Founder and Director, Academy of Clairvoyance and Consciousness

“Working with Caroline over the past 8 months has been extremely enlightening and rewarding.  I think the most important thing I have learnt about myself is to see/feel when I am not living in my own “best”space. Previously I would live in an apathetic fog for weeks at a time feeling powerless to change things, however once Caroline guided me into experiencing myself as a beautiful spirit, I can recognise the fog right away and with her help can use the tools she has taught me to return to the way of being where I am happier and more appreciative of myself.

I have also seen and now believe that relationships operate on many levels and so my options in terms of improving or enhancing my relationships has increased. Working on challenging relationships on a spirit level has given me more hope and offers me another level to work at and through things. This was not part of my reality before and I’m aware now of subtle shifts occurring in the way I relate to others and in the way they relate to me.

Finally, even though I am much more in touch with the genuine me, and so feel more empowered, I also feel supported by my interactions with Caroline both with our individual personal calls and on a deeper level as well. It’s as if you’re standing on a stage, about to do your performance and the universe is standing in the sidelines supporting you and encouraging you to give what you know will be …a fantastic performance.

Thank you Caroline…you have my heartfelt sincere gratitude …I am rediscovering me because of you.”

G. Kuruvilla, Trinidad, W.I.

“Caroline came into my life about 15 years ago, my life has changed so much since then, Caroline has helped me walk through different stages with constant reassurance. I started out having Reiki sessions with Caroline then she opened my eyes to all of her many talents and the beautiful caring nurture she just exhumes, her work with healing and her teachings has shown me that life is a multilevel journey that we sometimes need help navigating. She is a Gem and I will forever be grateful for having met her.

Caroline has this down to earth way of just bringing to light the things we have trouble seeing through her intuitive work. She has, over the years, opened my eyes to the unconscious things that I do or choose to ignore, therefore making me consciously aware of the things I can do and change, helping me to live the life I feel I was meant to and yearn for, allowing me to make many personal break throughs with her thoughtful and enlightening demeanor, her confident yet gentle persona, which to me feels like a spiritual home. I always feel a sense of spiritual connection, a sort of motherly love unfailing feeling,  like I could say anything without being judged or reprimanded, it’s a place of constant understanding.

My self-awareness has awakened  because of my work with Caroline she has helped me not only within myself but with my relationships with others and the  many different levels that each one has and that why sometimes I feel stuck, she is a natural healer and can see what we need for ourselves before asking the questions. Sometimes I don’t have them and Caroline is helping heal before it’s asked. Caroline takes the time, no matter how long it might be, to help me understand a situation and clarify any questions I may have.

Caroline is like my own personal intuitive coach, she has never made me feel anything but acceptance and the positivity I feel from working with her one and one cannot ever be fully understood unless you have experienced it. She is someone who has and is my own personal cheerleader in life.”

L Rollock, Toronto, Canada

“From my very first consultation with Caroline Bobart, I felt the comfort and warmth one feels when spending time with a dear friend; but not a ‘friend’ in the popular sense of the word. I mean a friend you may have never met before, but who somehow knows YOU, and sees YOU in a way no one else can; far deeper than you can see yourself. She reads the energy patterns that emanate from you; energy patterns that your thinking mind, so busy yapping on and on with itself, knows absolutely nothing about.

Most of us are blind to the energy patterns that influence and help to create our life experience. Caroline has a gift to see these patterns, and, most crucially, to identify their source. Knowing the true, and at times, ancient source of your own inner turmoil can be like a helping hand reaching to pull you out of a dark pool of confusion, back on to “shore,” where you can finally see where you truly are.

If you are open, Caroline’s consultations can help to transform the noise

created by your own scattered and confused psyche, into a more harmonious sense of wholeness.

Sometimes the mind can get cloudy; you become so wrapped up and trapped in its many convolutions, that you find yourself not even knowing where the hell you are. Or worse, even ‘who’ you are, and your true location and trajectory in the grand scheme of your life experience. Caroline’s inner work helps to open a window through the clouds; it helps you to hear and see through the mind’s sometimes deafening and blinding chatter. She can bring clarity to your life situation.

One suffers turmoils sometimes that there are no explanations for. No outer reasons for. In fact, by all outer evidence, life is great! Or should be. Yet, inside, something is wrong, and you know it. You feel it, but you can’t say it is because of this or that situation, or it is that person or thing that is causing it. There are apparently, no explanations. You just know that something is troubling you, and you don’t know what it is. Caroline has the gift of seeing the energy patterns from where, and from when, these emotions have emerged. Revealed at last, this knowledge can help you to understand what is happening, and understanding is the beginning of compassion. Compassion for your own self. And that is the beginning of healing.

There are no expectations, or judgements, or conditions with Caroline. In my experience, and humble opinion, Caroline Diana Bobart is an oracle in the truest meaning of that word.”

G.A.Gomes, San Jose, CA, USA

“Caroline has an incredible gift; my reading was totally amazing and resonated with me very deeply. I loved the way Caroline spoke throughout the reading and the language she used to describe the messages that she was receiving. She was very gentle, kind, and humorous at times which I loved, but really direct and ‘to the point’ also. There were many messages coming to her all at once but Caroline was able to pull all the parts together really intuitively, and give me a really concise gentle and thorough reading. She gave me exactly the right amount of information for me to process. It was clear to me that Caroline was really tapping into my energy, with incredible observations of exactly how I feel in the moment and in the past; she showed me what I need to do to grow further, and to flourish. We did some energy work during the reading which also felt really great because Caroline summarised everything, and kept communicating with me so that I felt completely relaxed and able to enjoy the process fully. I would thoroughly recommend her readings to anyone.”

J. Legge, North Wales, UK

”Sometimes in life you just feel things and are unsure as to why or where your feelings of fear, insecurity or happiness towards something comes from. Caroline has the amazing ability to help you see yourself better and understand aspects of yourself you previously thought were ‘just you or just a part of you’. There is always a reason for everything and understanding the unknown or dormant parts of you is the key to your spiritual growth. Caroline is a great master at helping you on your road to better understanding yourself.”

D. Dokmanovic, London, UK

“Caroline is an excellent reader and a professional healer.  Whenever my husband or I consult her, we get consolation as well as adequate solution. I admire Caroline for her skills and deep empathy.   

Caroline’s insights are deep and thorough.  She reaches to the origin of our problems and shows the ways to resolve them. She is able to take you down to your emotions which works as catharsis readying you to introduce changes in your life. I recommend Caroline to everyone who wants to improve life and take responsibility for it.”

With gratitude

Mariola Zimnicka, Poland

Working with Caroline in the C&M L1 programme has helped me to leave a very negative work environment where my confidence, self-belief, and self-trust were being undermined constantly and eventually eroded. Having this sense of self beaten down so badly has been one of the hardest times of my life.

Caroline’s support and work within the programme has helped me to differentiate between the energy sapping forces I was facing in the workplace and my own self-belief and intuition. Having a supportive place to reconnect me with my authentic self has enabled me to move out of this negative situation in spite of the fears and hesitancy involved when leaving a job. I felt safe in the knowledge that I had some support that is patient and understood  the trouble I was having resolving this conflict.  

Since leaving the job, I took a break to recuperate and experience some freedom after being in such a stressful environment. I had to accept this as part of my process and my timing, which led me to facing some underlying fears that were keeping me stuck and not moving forward. The next steps are to be myself freely and subsequently trust where my intuition leads me in the future.

Nathan Duckworth, Melbourne, Australia