What if there was a way to address the most consistent struggle in your life?  The issue you continually circle, or the anxiety that keeps gnawing at your belly no matter how much meditation, journaling or self-growth work you do?  

  • Why isn’t my business taking off?
  • Why can’t I find love?
  • Why amongst all my efforts and busyness do I not feel my purpose?

What if you could hear what your soul most desperately wants you to know around this exact issue?  Even transform this struggle into the key to your greatest freedom?  And both hear this information and create concrete steps to having it?    

This is exactly what we, Caroline and Darcy have teamed up to offer you – in an intense, deep-diving, ‘get-in-quick, hold-onto-your-seats-because-we-are-going-IN’ container.

Our Soul Circle experience gives you communication and understanding on the deepest levels possible of EXACTLY what is holding you back from stepping into the next phase of your life.  

As a professional clairvoyant, Caroline has the ability to hone in almost immediately into the energy and information at the core of your struggle.  

This insight is PRICELESS.  

In our 24 years of joint professional experience we see that this depth of information that Caroline unearths within moments, can take a person years to uncover, if ever at all.

This work transcends the mental plane. It releases you from the hamster wheel of over-thinking and over-compensating that comes when the core reason for your struggle is in your blindspot.  This work reveals your blindspot so it goes from unconscious ‘havoc-making’ in your life to conscious, digestable information that you can tangibly transform.  

For instance, here are some of the workable issues folks bring forward in circle:

  • A pattern of busyness that overlays everything, feeling you’re always chasing your purpose but never ‘arriving.’
  • Confusion that you’re doing all the right things to have a successful business but you still aren’t bringing in the money you need
  • Frustration that love relationships elude you or you’re continuously drawn to unavailable people
  • How can you feel free?  Situations and relationships continually leave you feeling tangled up.
  • Feeling your full potential is never realized, despite loads of attempts and tons of resources

So we’ve created an offering that addresses the deepest struggle you have.  We use this to access the core information your soul desires you to know, and show you how to shift that struggle into knowing and understanding yourself at your deepest levels.  This transforms not only your struggle, but also gives you powerful understanding of YOU, your way of being, and concrete tools for how to embody that way of being more consistently.

The format of this offering includes:

  • Week 1: 3-Hour, 4-Participant, Wisdom-activating sacred circle with Caroline and Darcy

Circle 1 is led by Caroline, with Darcy holding energetic space.  This circle is where you bring your ‘burning issue or question’.  The circle activates your deep knowing and wisdom around this issue, allows you to gain insight,, be witnesseand receive deep, life-changing soul-level communication from Caroline.

  • Post-circle processing and integrating online journal between Weeks 1 & 2

Caroline and Darcy have created integration journaling materials to support you in fully having the deep core-level information you received in the circle.  Your journal is shared with Caroline and Darcy and allows you to ground and embody the information and insight you receive, and if required, obtain additional clarification and/or support.

Between Circles 1 and 2, completion of the exercises in your processing and integration online journal is vitally important, as they provide you with the opportunity to take full ownership and unpack what you received in the initial deep-diving circle experience.

  • Week 2: 3-Hour, 4-Participant, Truth-claiming sacred circle with Caroline and Darcy

The second circle takes place one week after the first and is led by Darcy, with Caroline holding energetic space.  An aspect of Circle 2’s power is that it allows you to reflect back to us and other circle participants what you have been seeing and learning about yourself by way of identifying and declaring your personal TRUTH and committing to your desired change.  From that place of ownership, personal responsibility and truth, you then receive Darcy’s support with the planning/implementation pieces so that you go away with clarity, committed to yourself, your desired change and with a personalised blueprint or plan.  Together with Darcy, you create personalized, tangible practices and tools to integrate the soul-level changes into grounded action right away.  No more wrestling with soul-level information that you don’t know how to integrate!  This circle gives you practical in-the-moment tools to integrate piece-by-piece the bigness of your life you are meant to step into.

We have found that by saying YES to being in deep communion with your truth, it gives you direct access to a vibration of energy, soul-level communication, self-healing and possibility for growth and change right away.  Even reading these words you can access it.  When you step into this experience, just by saying YES, you will begin to experience shifts.  (We wouldn’t have known this was the case, but it is our experience that this occurs, and we wanted you to understand the fullness of this).

The rate for this experience: 840€ (approximately USD $995).

If this is speaking to you and you would like to discuss whether receiving soul-level communication and creating major life change is right for you at this time, please email Caroline at caroline@carolinediana.com or Darcy at darcy@darcyskye.com


To help you hone in on the particular life issue or question you would like clarification on, generally speaking, the areas that previous participants’ have brought forward have included, but not been limited to, the following 5 major themes:

Please scroll down to see the dates of upcoming circles.  As circle size is limited and circles fill quickly, we recommend that you register as soon as you are certain that the Soul Circle experience is right for you.  If the date you have selected is full and no longer available, please email Caroline at caroline@carolinediana.com or Darcy at darcy@darcyskye.com to pre-book your place on the next one.


This circle offering is the real deal and isn’t for everyone.  Soul Circle is an offering for  pro-active, spiritually mature women who are 1) unafraid of owning their innate information and personal truth, 2) trust themselves enough to be stretched beyond their comfort edge, and 3) committed to taking inspired action to precipitate positive change in their careers, relationships and lives.  Soul Circle is a POINTED opportunity to do just that.  

**The Soul Circle experience is NOT for women who are afraid or unwilling to face their truth and/or fears, invest in themselves, be visible and heard, take immediate, intuitive, decisive action or who are relying on us to rescue them, care-take or assume ultimate responsibility for their happiness or lives.**

Our job from its inception has been to offer Soul Circle in the fullness of the energy we are guided to. And who this IS for, we, Darcy and Caroline, are committed to shining in our FULL brightness for, so that you can receive the richness, magnitude and depth that is possible here (and frankly, still blows us away).


Things move quickly and you’ll receive a lot in Circle 1.  We will be recording so you can go back later to unpack things and hear them multiple times. From our past circles we have learned that the information can take some time to sink in and integrate, so know that the ideal isn’t that you leave the circle with the ‘answer’ to your question.  But instead you’ll have new ideas and perspectives about how to come to answers that are exactly, deeply right for you.  

The nature of this work is that you will have a very deep understanding of the patterns that underlie the particular question you have brought forward. The question you bring forward is likely going to be addressing symptoms that arise out of a core way of being that is in your blindspot.  Caroline will share with you this core way of being and so inherently will answer your question but at levels much deeper than the symptom (or thorn in your side).

The vibrational nature of a group coming together in sacred time and space enables common threads, connections and themes amongst participants to arise.  This means that energetically, you get to receive additional information via the other circle participants and work these from the angles that pertain to you and your life.  The end result is that your individual experience is full, multi-layered and rich.

We limit our 2 circle process to just 4 spots.  Our intimate groups create safety, wonderful connection and flow, and allow for just the perfect amount of information to come forward, be heard, experienced, processed and shared.

We begin both circles by setting sacred space and setting our container.  Circle 1 is led by Caroline and Circle 2 by Darcy.  In Circle 1, before moving into the main content, Caroline and Darcy each share a bit about themselves and how they came to do this work.  In Circle 2, before moving into the main content, each participant is invited to share their integration process post Circle 1, what they are learning about themselves and the corresponding action/s they recognise must be taken next.  In both circles we combine wisdom activation, journaling and sharing before each participant has the opportunity to be directly supported by Caroline and Darcy with the inner and outer aspects of the question/struggle they are working on. 

Consider what you feel would be most valuable to have Caroline take a look at in your life – a consistent struggle you have, a particularly challenging relationship, a professional goal you desire to address, or something that feels like a deeper pattern that continues to emerge for you.  

Caroline is excellent at drilling down to the source of things – so no matter where you start she can help you get to the core.  

Caroline is professionally trained as a clairvoyant, has 15 years of experience working privately with individuals and groups, and has an incredible gift of getting to the core of things.  This means that when she uses her clairvoyant skill, soul-level (core) information comes forward.  This information doesn’t always adhere to communication softening methods that make it easily digestible on first hearing.  It comes in with the purpose of cutting through layers of unconsciousness that may have been at work within you for decades.  Therefore, this information often needs time to work within you, and further processing so it can ‘click’.  This is why Circle 2, led by Darcy hugely supports your process after you receive crucial information and insight from Caroline during Circle 1.

During Circle 1, Caroline will connect with your energy on a soul-level. She may share with you things like the way your essence shows up (colors, feelings, images, situations, dynamics, relationships etc) and also the places you get into trouble sharing and expressing your soul’s truth.

Often this means pointing out the filters or beliefs you’ve been seeing the world through. This is where the tricky part comes in: It can be challenging to hear info about your filters /beliefs without that information going through those filters. So, very much like a new piece of clothing, messages can feel a little uncomfortable or strange at first.

Therefore with this type of work we’ve found it’s helpful first to take a minute to let it sink in.  You can do some journaling, allow yourself to sit with the information, let yourself sleep on it and let it sink in piece by piece.  

This is why we’ve included a processing and integrating journal for you to complete between Circles 1 & 2.

Prior to Circle 2, it is going to be extremely powerful for you to use your online journal to integrate the information you received in Circle 1 and further dismantle and analyse any hidden filters or beliefs that have been blocking you from having your truth.   This is your opportunity to let us know how the information from the circle is landing, if/where you’re struggling to integrate, where the information feels amazing and where it feels sticky or hard to understand.  If required, Caroline and Darcy will help you identify key reframes and offer ways to help you get clarity.

Circle 2 which is led by Darcy takes place one week after Circle 1.  This is your space to share your experience and learning and in so doing, cement your understanding of the information Caroline has shared with you.  To take this one crucial step further, Circle 2 provides you with the opportunity to make a declaration of your personal truth beneath your chosen challenge or ‘struggle’, AND commit to taking the action that truth is asking so that you can dismantle it once and for all.   Darcy will help you create daily and weekly exercises, short-term and longer-term plans so that you can fully implement the life changes that are possible for you.  This means you will be held after the initial circle experience, with not only new understanding and conviction but personalised next steps that enable you to move the soul-level information received into grounded, tangible results.   

Caroline’s gifts provide revelation, understanding, healing and growth.

Darcy’s gifts provide a blueprint for manifesting this into a productive and forward-moving process that is perfectly customised for you.

To find out more about Darcy’s work, please visit darcyskye.com.

This price may seem wildly high, just right, or a low-ball for what it’s worth to you.  Regardless of where along the spectrum it lands for you, we want to take a moment and describe our process in coming to this precise energetic exchange.  

The power here lies in our expertise to create the experience of you being TRULY SEEN – in your power, in your unique way, the deep, true YOU, within mere moments.

With incredible speed, cutting through well-entrenched layers, this offering provides the opportunity for you to experience and be seen for who you truly are.   

We are extremely proud that our joint circle offering is unique and has **immediate** impact.  We have discovered that the 840€ (approx USD $995) price point is the sweet spot that can quickly spark healing and growth by:

– Speaking to the earnestness within you that is 100% READY and IN for self-understanding, ownership, results, and freedom from your unconscious limits

– Helping you deeply VALUE the information and insight that is shared.  Because Caroline’s insight comes so quickly, and with seeming ease, it could be easy to take it in casually and not study it with the intensity of something you spent years searching to find.  But the information she shares could easily have taken that long to ‘unearth’. Therefore, we believe this level of investment allows the information to be taken with utmost commitment to take it in at the deepest levels, and therefore create LASTING CHANGE. (cause why toe-dip with this depth of information?!?) It asks you to be All In.

– Enabling and empowering you to OWN where you can immediately start choosing differently and take new action in the bid to embody your new self-understanding, create change and make it real.  At this level of investment we feel you have to own your deep desire and commitment to shift the long-standing patterns that have made you feel stuck.

Our sacred circle experience has been very consciously created to mobilise you into intuitive and inspired action. Therefore, through it you can claim a powerful, life-changing reclamation of YOUR information, YOUR wisdom, YOUR way.

Payment plans are available, if it helps you step in.

Circle 1 is where you receive extraordinary information from Caroline.  Despite the fact that things move quickly, you will emerge with A LOT to work with.  Know in the very moment information begins coming forward for and through you, that it belongs to you.  It is YOURS.  Allowing yourself to claim it fully represents the beginning of the change you want.

Circle 2 which is led by Darcy will support your learning, integration process and implementation of crucial, life-changing next steps.

Sometimes change can be instantaneous and almost always, it requires self-healing, self-forgiveness and self-love.  At other times, you may be meant to work on the information you receive for a period while carving out in your life, pockets of sacred time and space.  In the space between Circles 1 & 2, and beyond, let yourself sit with it, integrate it, work itself through your dreams, spiritual practice and tools.

Saying YES to your process and the FULLNESS of who you are, means allowing your experience both during and after the circles to be as big, impactful and multi-faceted as it needs to be.


Wednesday, January 3rd 2018

Time: 2:30 – 4:30 pm EST

Wednesday, January 17th 2018

Time: 2:30 – 4:30 pm EST

Note: All of our soul circles currently take place virtually via our private, online video conferencing room.  This means that you can have this experience, no matter where you are in the world.