The partnership between us, Caroline and Darcy, is based upon magical collaboration and creation, made possible only by putting aside all of our ‘training’ and saying YES to an unfiltered connection with Source.

Here in our heartfelt open letters, we connect with and speak to the same magical, unfiltered connection with Source within YOU.

Allowing a new way to come through

In the beginning of 2017, we, Caroline and Darcy, began to meet based on a shared attraction to each other.  

We had known each other for some years, had 24 years of professional experience respectively in the coaching and healing arts world between us, and both sensed there was something unformed stirring between us.  This stirring quickly accelerated and we both noticed a creative quality that was flowing through us.    

This energy would come to one of us and a flurry of new ideas, possibilities would pour forth, while the other was feeling the energy as a receptivity – thus providing an ideal container, back and forth for both of us to discuss, dive deep, and peel apart, “Who are we as practitioners in the coaching and healing arts world?”, “What is currently happening in this world?”, “Where does it feel totally off and where do we have wounds to acknowledge, express, and heal?”.

Organically, we began describing this offness as ‘the coaching machine’.  Our best way to describe it at this moment is:

  • Containers/programs offered by coaches that serve first and foremost the coach’s business model and only secondarily, the needs of participants.  
  • Using the very real struggle and learning gap of how to pivot gifts and talents into a business and uses that as a hook to keep participants always needing more.
  • An unspoken energetic bind that occurs between the coach and participants.  The participant initially experiences excitement and relief to be part of a group and to not feel alone.  But there is an unspoken trade-off that occurs where the inner wisdom and authentic divine/source connection within the client becomes suspect and ideas are filtered through the coach.
  • The coaching machine relies on participants making decisions out of fear and lack and with a sense that someone/something outside of themselves has the answers they need.

From this understanding we reclaimed the truth that:

Our connection to our gifts comes from divine/source/spirit and the expression of it is spirit-led. It is NEVER owned by a coach/mentor/guide.

Thus we made a conscious decision to reclaim our divine connection and from there, things began to really flow.