It can seem as if you are in a twilight zone of sorts…a reality that is SO real but in fact is very separate from life in the physical world of people, human interaction and connection, shops with real-life shop windows, gourmet food, exercise, nature, human behaviour, deep soul-level emotions birthday parties, beaches and daily routines that anchor you in your specific corner of the world.
It is called the internet.
As a sole (and soul) entrepreneur who works almost exclusively online with my clients and students all over the world, it seems an important part of my own process to document my personal experiences and observations of my own relationship to the internet. In my work as a professional intuitive I speak and refer to ‘spiritual contracts’ a lot with my clients in helping them to gain a better understand of their key relationships. I have been realising that I’ve been going through a re-negotiation of the terms of my own contract with the collective consciousness and energy that is the internet and, as with any other contract, once it has been drawn up and signed I can then refer back to it in the future as need be!
I have included here some of the really important reasons why this re-negotiation of my contract with the internet is so necessary right now. I want to share them because I am sure they are relevant to some of you readers as well. My reason for wanting to share them is not because they are revelatory per say, but the curious thing is that your perspective, relationship to yourself, your body, the planet and the world becomes altered by the very fact that you are energetically ‘plugged in’ to the internet. And if you are like many of us today, that means 24 hours a day – via your smart phone, tablet, work computer and laptop or desktop at home – we won’t add in here the smart watches that some companies have recently released!
Note: This article is by no means meant to denounce the internet. As with most things, there are both light and dark sides to it. It aims to bring the readers attention to the pitfalls that exist around unmanaged internet usage and connectedness as a means of helping establish clearer, healthier boundaries with it. It is also meant to serve as an important reminder of the place of the internet in the context of consciously creating a well balanced life.
From my own personal experience and observations of friends, family members and colleagues over the years, here is what I have come to know beyond a shadow of a doubt and I suspect is true for millions of people all over the world;
1. The internet takes you OUT of your body and ability to create in the world
Excessive internet usage affects your self-affinity and level of connectedness with yourself on all levels – spiritual, mental, emotional and physical, it affects your ability to be a conscious creator in life’s creative flow. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that if you are out of alignment with your true self, wisdom and needs and disconnected from your ‘tribe’, the people in real life who are like-minded and on the same page as you, creating new types of experiences that really speak to your soul and ever-greater levels of abundance, health and abundance in the physical world is going to be a challenge.
The energetic realm you enter when you set sail on the internet is one in which time stands still. Your mind literally enters a state of suspended animation and this translates into every aspect of your relationship with yourself, your body, others and the world. In other words, you enter a ‘holding space’ where it might seem like you are using your time productively but herein lies the trap…it is very difficult to translate information and the non-human vibrations of the cyber world into meaningful change in your outer life if you are not fully present to yourself and your external life.
2. It robs you of time
It eats away at vast chunks of time that often don’t benefit your well-being, financial prospects or emotional state. I am not referring to here focused research for a definite end result for which the internet is a powerful tool. I am talking here about merely passing the time, checking things out randomly without a focus or plan, nosing around to see what others are doing on Facebook etc. I have literally seen people spend hours on the internet, emerge from it with a hazy look on their face, take care of something that needed their attention on the physical, go through the motions of the task but sadly weren’t present – neither to themselves or the task at hand.
The truly worrying thing about this type of internet usage is that because the person is not aware of themselves in the situation – very much like use of a drug – it happens almost automatically that they re-create this pattern, day after day. It is so easy to move through your days in this energy and its corresponding head-space without being aware of what you are really achieving or the vast quantities of time that are passing you by.
3. It erodes the quality, vibrancy and intimacy of relationships with partners, friends, family and your wider community
Email and instant messaging are invaluable tools that connect us through space and time. There comes however a point at which over-reliance on electronic means of communication begins to undermine your connectedness and communication in real life. As a human being, there is simply no replacement for face to face interaction and human connection in your life. So much of the way in which you learn about yourself is through your real-life relationships…think of it…the sense of enjoyment and validation you get by spending time at a dinner party, playing a team sport, learning and collaborating with others in a classroom or at work exists because you are sharing yourself and BEING SEEN. The fact is that life can get unhappy, lonely and frustrating very quickly if you feel you aren’t really being seen, understood heard or held. Anything that proclaims to offer you that over the internet without human interaction ought to send up a red flag.
4. It takes you out of nature and the physical 3D world
Your connection to nature is so closely linked to your physical health, energetic, mental and emotional well-being. As part of nature yourself, your relationship with it encourages the flow of earth and cosmic frequencies of energy through your body. This affects your vibrance, vitality, mental faculties, motivation and energy levels in every area of your life. When you are plugged into the distinctive consciousness and energy of the internet and far away in cyberspace, you are not actually resident in your physical body. You are connected to it be means of an energetic cord, but for all intents and purposes you ‘are not home’. If you are not home to your body, neither are you present to your surroundings. You could find yourself in the most beautiful location and not notice it at all. There is no opportunity for the vibration of your physical body to re-align with the health-promoting benefits of powerful and wise mother earth.
5. It undermines your primary relationship – your self-affinity and self-love
Let’s face it…your relationship with yourself is your primary relationship. If it doesn’t work, it won’t be long until the cracks in your life begin to show. The interesting thing about the internet is that people often unwittingly use it to fill a void. The need to feel that you matter, and are connected and loved are instincts that drive each of us as human beings. The problem arises when you seek these things out over the internet where the notions of personal identity and emotion become very bendable. Interactions that promise to fill these voids and which emerge solely from the internet might appear and seem real but the very bendable nature of communication that emerges from cyberspace ensures that they do not speak – cannot in fact – speak to the REAL you.
For all the reasons mentioned above, you need human connection in order for the authentic you to be really seen. This is a basic human need for survival and one which we must be very clear, automated or electronic communication that has journeyed its way through fibre optic cables cannot provide on its own.
Unless you can switch the plugs around – unplug from the internet and plug into the storehouse of inbuilt wisdom and information within you first, you will continually be missing a crucial piece of the puzzle. Your ability to truly be present, appreciate, love and validate all of who you are in a real-life physical sense informs absolutely everything else in your life…the quality of your relationships, your quality of life, your health and well-being and your ability to set and achieve your goals in accordance with your own personal truth.
The internet has its place in helping you to achieve and sustain all of the above, but you must be aware of inadvertently allowing it to become your Source.


  •      I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely loved reading your article about the internet stealing our energy.  I completely know about this and don’t have to be convinced.  I would love to be able to write this kind of stuff myself as I have a feeling we share the same thoughts and “facts” about what is going on outside our consciousness and reality.

    D. M. Lane, Bristol, UK
  •      I just finished your article, “Soul to Soul Recognition and Unrequited Love”. I found the link to this article on Wake Up World’s FB page and wanted to let you know how intuitive I thought it was. One of the best articles I have ever read.”

    J. S. Blankinship, Queensbury, NY
  • On Soul to Soul Recognition and Unrequited Love

    This article was amazing. Thank you for sharing this to the world. I just went through a situation very similar with the same feelings and actions. But I learned what I needed to, and reading this article just really gave me life and inspiration to keep going.

    D. R. Mycka, Orlando, FL, USA
  •      I used to read some of Caroline’s writings  and feel like she was talking to me personally. I couldn’t ignore the voice inside me any longer, my soul cried for acknowledgement. Caroline knew instantly the place I was stuck and how to assist me out.

    J. Davidson, Christ Church, NZ
  •      Talking with Caroline was such a breath of fresh air…I could sense that she really got it … she just got me. She understood me on a deep energetic level. I just knew that she would be there for me…as she has been…there with me through the trenches of my own transformation.

    W. K. Glenn, Viroqua, WI, USA
  •       Caroline sees far into those valleys before you, places you would never want to walk into, and assures you of your way out. You know there is one person in this world that knows the terrain you have to cross and somehow, through the light she brings to your journey, she is with you in those valleys. She knows me better than even the people closest to me. And she is just the loveliest, smartest, funniest, calmest, humblest person. A phenomenal package deal.

    C. A. Francois, Trinidad, WI
  •      Working with Caroline in the C&M L1 programme has helped me to leave a very negative work environment where my confidence, self-belief, and self-trust were being undermined constantly and eventually eroded. I felt safe in the knowledge that I had some support that is patient and understood the trouble I was having resolving this conflict.

    N. Duckworth, Melbourne, Australia
  •      I feel so blessed to have Caroline as a spiritual mentor.  Participation in the Creativity and Manifestation Level 1 course has given me the tools to connect even deeper with my authentic self than I thought possible. The program really helps you clear your mindset so that you know what you deeply, truly want for your best life.

    D. Lifschutz, Woodmere, NY, USA
  •      Caroline has the capacity to see the bigger picture and tailor her skills to anyone’s challenges. My life now feels so much more on track and in such a short time….I can’t thank Caroline enough.

    J. Davidson, Christ Church, NZ
  •      Caroline is a gem.  She has the uncanny ability to be gentle and strong as she leads you to light bulb moments. C&M L1 has helped me to go back and lay a stronger foundation to build the rest of my life upon.  I’ve been given the tools to become more accomplished in business and in my personal life.

    L. Armstrong, Baton Rouge, LA, USA
  •      My time with Caroline has not just been life supporting and life changing but probably (at the risk of overstating/sounding dramatic) life saving. I can’t imagine where I might have ended up if I had not done the work with her.

    C. A. Francois, Trinidad, WI
  •      Caroline stands with you and shows you these deep painful pictures that you hold in your being, that you think define you and she sits with you while you process self-betrayal, lack of love and validation, incompleteness. Then she pushes you to move on, to leave behind what no longer serves you, what you grasped at in a futile attempt to complete or validate yourself.

    N. S. Gomes, Trinidad, WI
  •     Working with Caroline over the past 8 months has been extremely enlightening and rewarding. She guided me into experiencing myself as a beautiful spirit, I can recognise the fog right away and with her help can use the tools she has taught me to return to the way of being where I am happier and more appreciative of myself.

    G. Kuruvilla, Trinidad, WI
  •     A gifted Intuitive Healer and Clairvoyant, Caroline has helped me return to my life-path during my private coaching sessions with her….Defined goals were changed as new insights came up.  During the process core healing and in-depth transformation took place; my own ability to help myself has improved.  I am very grateful for her very timely and effective work.

    E. Warner, Silver Springs, MD, USA
  •     Thank you for your patience, and your incredible, magical wisdom and clarity guiding me as I navigate these passages. Pure awesomeness. I honestly don’t know how I would have made it onwards this year without you.

    C. Francois, Trinidad, WI
  •     Caroline helped navigate me step by step and she never made me feel alone, yet still, she gave me wings to fly by myself, free from my bondage within.  I am a new person and even though I may look the same, sound the same, the inner transformation is mind blowing, I have begun to live the life in the space I’ve wanted to for so long.

    L. Rollock, Toronto, Canada
  •     Caroline is a very professional teacher who cares deeply about supporting her students as they align authentically with their spirit, develop their intuition and create their best life. She is equally skilled in the classroom teaching in groups as in her intensive one to one mentoring work with private clients…It is gratifying to know that she is helping and empowering so many people to fully integrate their soul purpose and inner voice into their daily lives, work and relationships.

    F. M. Sheppard, Director, Academy of Clairvoyance & Consciousness
  •     Caroline comes into your life at the divine moment in which you have been meant to receive such a blessing! For me, I knew I had to contact her after reading one of her many profound and insightful articles. Caroline is the most intuitive person I have met and there is nowhere to hide from yourself when you have met Caroline! She reads you like a book and that is part of her magic and her blessing to your life’s journey and growth!

    M. Francesci, Toronto, Canada
  •     Caroline’s insights are deep and thorough.  She reaches to the origin of our problems and shows the ways to resolve them. She is able to take you down to your emotions which works as catharsis readying you to introduce changes in your life. I recommend Caroline to everyone who wants to improve life and take responsibility for it.

    M. Zimnicka, Poland
  •     You just know that something is troubling you, and you don’t know what it is. Caroline has the gift of seeing the energy patterns from where, and from when, these emotions have emerged. Revealed at last, this knowledge can help you to understand what is happening, and understanding is the beginning of compassion. Compassion for your own self. And that is the beginning of healing.

    G. A. Gomes, San Jose, CA, USA
  •     Well, I for one didn’t believe! But I feel now that I can move stuff – really old stuck stuff – because of the process.. It’s the combo of you and your insights and guidance and how you have structured things.

    C. A. Francois, Trinidad, WI
  •     Caroline has this down to earth way of just bringing to light the things we have trouble seeing through her intuitive work.  I always feel a sense of spiritual connection, a sort of motherly love unfailing feeling,  like I could say anything without being judged or reprimanded, it’s a place of constant understanding.

    L. Rollock, Toronto, Canada
  •     Caroline starts you on this journey, she helps you to clear the issues that you now have the power and will to deal with, she helps you to build the life you choose for yourself, this inner self that is a hidden treasure she gave you the map to discover.

    N. S. Gomes, Trinidad, WI
  •     I have experienced tremendous inner growth where I’m able to recognize and appreciate my own self worth.  I am more than enough.  I am kind to my body as I nourish it in a healthier way.

    L. Armstrong, Baton Rouge, LA, USA
  •     She championed me and believed in me way more than I could. She held big spaces for me to fill in and has often stopped me from going further into painful situations even when I wanted to with all my heart. She helped me free myself and made me bolder than I have ever been in facing life. She saw what was there, all my buried potential, and gave me the hope and the confidence to go after it even when I couldn’t even imagine the way ahead, far less see it.

    C. A. Francois, Trinidad, WI
  •     In Buddhism the lotus is known to be associated with purity, spiritual awakening and faithfulness, it is a beautiful flower that sits upon murky ponds, you help people find all these things and help us surface out of our murky ponds and bring out the beautiful lotus flower in all of us! oxo

    C. Hamel-Smith, Perth, Australia
  •     There are no expectations, or judgements, or conditions with Caroline. In my experience, and humble opinion, Caroline Diana Bobart is an oracle in the truest meaning of that word.

    G. A. Gomes, San Jose, CA, USA
  •     Caroline has helped me not only within myself but with my relationships with others. She is a natural healer and can see what we need for ourselves before asking the questions.

    L. Rollock, Toronto, Canada
  •     I treasure my time with Caroline, she holds a safe space for me to go within and meet my true self…Unfortunately the journey of discovery is messy, scary, painful, full of anger and disappointment whilst the forever supportive Universe constantly sends experiences that help you to grow and break the old patterns.  Caroline is the anchor in this muddy messy place.

    N. S. Gomes, Trinidad, WI
  •     Sometimes the mind can get cloudy; you become so wrapped up and trapped in its many convolutions, that you find yourself not even knowing where the hell you are. Or worse, even ‘who’ you are, and your true location and trajectory in the grand scheme of your life experience. Caroline’s inner work helps to open a window through the clouds; it helps you to hear and see through the mind’s sometimes deafening and blinding chatter. She can bring clarity to your life situation.

    G. A. Gomes, San Jose, CA
  •     She championed me and believed in me way more than I could. She held big spaces for me to fill in and has often stopped me from going further into painful situations even when I wanted to with all my heart. She helped me free myself and made me bolder than I have ever been in facing life. She saw what was there, all my buried potential, and gave me the hope and the confidence to go after it even when I couldn’t even imagine the way ahead, far less see it.

    C. A. Francois, Trinidad, WI
  •     Caroline has truly been such a blessing to my life beyond what words can describe and I feel like I just met her! Not only is she one of the most intuitive and downright loving individuals that I’ve ever met but she might even be the most grounded as well … which is a rare combo in my experience.

    W. K. Glenn, Viroqua, WI, USA
  •     Throughout the process, the freedom, the power, the awareness, the adventure, your truth, your being, start to rise and there is no going back, no way you can ‘unsee’ you.

    You honour your ‘soldier’ that has kept you safe in your journey to your knowing of your true self and you retire ‘the soldier’. You begin to celebrate you, you stand in awe that this powerful, joyful being is you and what stretches ahead of you is getting to know yourself.

    N. S. Gomes, Trinidad, WI
  •     I am 56 years old and had always been a pretty upbeat and positive person. However, recently I had become quite negative and stuck in self-judgment and feeling like I had no direction to my life.
    Since I have begun…I have made significant forward movement and released a huge amount of old beliefs that have held me back and kept me stuck in feeling negative and sorry for myself.  I have released things like anger, resentment, jealousy, envy and patterns that I was not even aware I had until Caroline pointed them out and helped me see them.

    C. Freiwald, Golden, CO, USA
  •     It’s the combo of you and your insights and guidance and how you have structured things, and then the people in the group itself, and then of course the hand of spirit underneath it all working with me in ways I still don’t fully appreciate…until it kind of jumps out at me to reveal something.

    All of that translates to feeling supported compared to the vacuum from which I was trying to shift things. It’s so subtle and gentle…fast moving but you can’t tell…just like light is.

    C. A. Francois, Trinidad, WI
  •     Caroline has an incredible gift…She was very gentle, kind, and humorous at times which I loved, but really direct and ‘to the point’ also.  She gave me exactly the right amount of information for me to process. It was clear to me that Caroline was really tapping into my energy, with incredible observations of exactly how I feel in the moment and in the past; she showed me what I need to do to grow further, and to flourish.

    J. Legge, North Wales, UK
  •     From my very first consultation with Caroline, I felt the comfort and warmth one feels when spending time with a dear friend; but not a ‘friend’ in the popular sense of the word. I mean a friend you may have never met before, but who somehow knows YOU, and sees YOU in a way no one else can; far deeper than you can see yourself. She reads the energy patterns that emanate from you; energy patterns that your thinking mind, so busy yapping on and on with itself, knows absolutely nothing about.

    G. A. Gomes, San Jose, CA, USA
  • In my experience, working with Caroline is simple and safe. She explains and talks in a clear grounded and down to earth way. Importantly, she takes the lead from her client, so that has allowed me to be in control, to come to my own understandings and realisations.
    She has great insight and intuition and can guide without interfering. The more I am ‘safe’ is the more I can trust and relax and be open to myself… and have the courage to see what I have been too scared to see.

    J. Duprey, Nailsworth, England, UK
  •     Caroline is so approachable, calm and easy to work with.  I never feel judged.  I feel I’m able to open up and say what I need to say without feeling silly or ridiculous.  I’ve had times during these past few months where I needed that extra support.  I found the courage to ask for it and I got it.  Caroline is so insightful and hits the nail on the head with things I struggle to explain or understand, she has a way with words that makes sense out of the things I’m struggling with.  She seems to get what I’m trying to say….so understanding and intuitive.  Even though this is very serious work there is humour too which just helps lighten a situation I’m struggling with, without Caroline being dismissive.

    M. O’Sullivan, Chepstow, Wales, UK
  • Before now, I have not felt that I have had the ‘right’ to have a sense of ‘self’ that is not entwined with others. I am now beginning to feel that I ‘deserve’ to take my space, be my size … instead of minimising myself and fitting in, pleasing….
    Most essential to all of this having a regular/daily practices…This is key for helping me begin to know and trust my own energy and myself – and to  be able to listen and to express more authentically from my centre.
    I feel more solid and true…

    J. Duprey, Nailsworth, England, UK
  •     I would tell others that if they are interested in a truly high level of healing, releasing and growth in their inner world and outer manifestations this is the best possible program!  I have done many workshops and programs and read tons of books on how to remove negative beliefs and patterning.  This program actually delivers in such a huge way that I can’t even compare it to any other program I have been in or book I have read.

    Caroline is incredibly intuitive, supportive and insightful.  She has this way of seeing and getting right to the issue that you may not ever have even considered and then it’s like ‘Oh, wow!  She’s so right on!  I see it now.’

    C. Freiwald, Golden, CO, USA
  •     I have been able to shift a lot of stuck energy by having the courage to face and acknowledge past hurts, although this was and is extremely difficult for me, with Caroline’s guidance and support I am able to work through it.  Lots of tears and journaling – but once you get past that hump it’s amazing, the self-awareness and revelations experienced – the insight into what was holding me back – it’s hard to put into words but it has changed me in so many ways…I’m confident that whatever comes up next I will have that support, which is key to me moving through this.

    M. O’Sullivan, Chepstow, Wales, UK
  •     There is always a reason for everything and understanding the unknown or dormant parts of you is the key to your spiritual growth. Caroline is a great master at helping you on your road to better understanding yourself.

    D. Dokmanovic, London, UK